Issue 4 2022

Acquisition International - Issue 4 2022 17 Most Influential Entertainment Production Specialist (USA): Nicole Bernardi or over three decades, Innovative Entertainment’s mission has been to provide its local and national clients with the finest entertainment and production available within any budget. It prides itself on service and longevity as a leader in the everchanging world of live events, its team creating custom one-of-a-kind experiences for clients, with extensive knowledge of the industry being the ultimate entertainment resource. Service is at the top of the company’s core; it is with the client every step of the way, from concept to execution. Working with global clients and talent worldwide, the Innovative Entertainment team has produced event entertainment and speakers across the globe for clients such as large corporations, event planners, companies, private individuals, and fundraising organisations. With a highly skilled production management team and close ties with leading entertainers, agents, managers, and sound and lighting companies, the team is able to deliver entertainment packages unsurpassed by other companies. Innovative Entertainment approaches its clients all the same way in that it wants to build a relationship and become their entertainment and speaker partner. Nicole Bernardi commented, “We feel strong that we are a partner in creating their events and take a lot of pride and consideration into everything we do and recommend when it comes to curating or creating their entertainment. Being team-oriented, we strive in working with all of their vendors in creating the best guest experience for the audience. Each event tells a story, and that story takes us all to write and bring it to life.” A small but mighty team, everyone works together and helps each other. The company looks for team members who are not afraid to jump right in! Nicole tells us what it’s like working in the industry. “The events industry is not easy; it’s long hours and can be extremely stressful. You have to have a love and passion for events to be in the business. Being adaptable and confident is also very important; sometimes we can plan something down to the second and one little thing shifts and it has to be started over on the fly. It is ever-changing and for sure keeps you on your toes.” We asked Nicole to tell us more about her role as Executive Producer and Co-Creator. “Being an entertainment producer has its perks and F has moments of glamour, but it is not always glamorous. People see what we do on social media or the quick photo we take outside of the ballroom, but they don’t realise that might be the first minute we have outside all day. While we are blessed, having travelled the globe and made new friends around the world, we work hard, long hours and are mostly away from our family and homes. “However, I wouldn’t change it for the world! We love what we do, there is nothing better than seeing an audience react to a show you created or produced, to watch them dance to the music, or the excitement in their eyes when the headliner is announced that will be performing that night. One of my favourite moments is always before the doors open to take a second and look around, appreciate it all and enjoy it, even though in a few hours it will all be done and on to the next one!” Meanwhile, the events industry came to a hard stop when the pandemic rose its ugly head in March 2020, putting some companies out of business and forcing a lot of downsizing, for not just Innovative Entertainment, but also other similar companies. The company had to pivot quickly in order to survive, and with its unique talent, was able to open new doors in creating virtual event entertainment experiences. Innovative Entertainment was one of the first to switch over to virtual entertainment and events with The Dueling DJ act and Eclipse performance group. The team was forced to quickly learn how to produce virtual events, be innovative and really think outside the space they were used to working in. Live events are now returning and demand is high, with the Innovative Entertainment team’s goal being to get back at it and do what they love. Nicole shared the company’s plans for the future. “We are working on creating new entertainment ideas for our clients which we will be launching this year and next, as well as continuing to build our relationships with talent and clients. We’ll be keeping in our comfort zone but also stepping out to stay on the cutting-edge and forefront of our industry. Travelling overseas again and getting inspiration for creating unique experiences is top of the list and something we really missed over the last few years. Travelling and meeting new people and talent along the way has brought so much inspiration when designing and curating talent for events.” Founded in 1983, Innovative Entertainment originally specialised in procuring and producing talent for corporate and special events, conventions, and fundraisers. Over the years, it has added services that include keynote speakers, technical production, as well as complete planning of events for select clients. In light of Acquisition International recognising the company’s Executive Producer and Co-Creator of a show it produces – this is called ‘Eclipse’. Nicole Bernardi within its Influential Businesswoman Awards 2021, we got in touch with her to find out what it’s like working within the industry. Company: Innovative Entertainment Contact: Nicole Bernardi Email: Website: Feb22463