Issue 3 2023

18 Acquisition International - Issue 3 2023 based on the book by Jim Stovall, and was a founding ambassador of The Ultimate Gift Movement, which has spread globally and inspired millions to view their lives as a gift. LFO was also a strategic advisor for the Roma Capitale Investments Foundation, a P3 foundation in Italy which aimed to revitalize Rome through strategic projects. Additionally, the firm is a founding member of the Centre for Family Conversations, which is a faith-based resource centre providing tools for families to establish a 100-yearplus legacy plan. Moving forwards, Lugen Family Office aims to continue to transform the wealth management landscape by integrating technology, artificial intelligence, fintech, and its strategic partners into its holistic service model. LFO believes that it is important now more than ever that solutions are customized to save costs and time to create the best results as soon as possible, which collaboration with its successful strategic partners can help achieve. The firm’s network consists of trustworthy contacts and businesses, which means LFO is confident that high quality results will be delivered to its clients. This is what makes the company so successful, making it a worthy winner of Best Family Legacy Planning Firm, British Columbia, in the AI Global Excellence Awards. Contact: Enzo Calamo Company: Lugen Family Office Web Address: Protecting Family Businesses Through Legacy Planning ocated in Vancouver BC, Lugen Family Office (LFO) is a legacy planning firm offering a number of holistic services to its clients, including estate planning, legacy planning, business succession planning, risk management, investment planning, off market real estate, pre-IPO access, citizenship planning, international business, and residency planning, as well as exclusive private equity opportunities. By choosing to collaborate with LFO, clients gain access to the firm’s network of highly respected strategic partners as well as its innovative collaborative process. The company believes that collaboration is vital to moving a business from success to significance, so it utilizes its extensive network of financial institutions, investment banks, lenders, other family offices, professionals, third party portfolio managers, insurance specialists, etc., to help its clients access the providers they need to get results quickly at the best price possible. As a family business itself, LFO cares about the future of family businesses. Statistically, only 30% of family businesses survive the transition from first to second generation, with even fewer making it to the third and fourth generations. LFO strives to help business owners take the necessary steps to ensure that their family does not become part of this statistic. Enzo Calamo, CEO and Founder of LFO, believes, “A family office must harness the true wealth of each family member over multiple generations. However, a sustainable family office does not just manage money but aligns the family’s common mission with their greater good.” Over the years, LFO is proud to have been involved with many different projects. For example, it was an investor in The Ultimate Gift movie, L Jan23211 Statistics suggest that the majority of family businesses don’t survive the transition from generation to generation. With the aim of increasing this number, Lugen Family Office (LFO) provides a range of holistic services that help its clients make a positive impact on future generations. Thanks to its extensive network of contacts that enables clients to achieve results quickly, and at a great price, the firm is a leader in its industry and the 2023 winner of Best Family Legacy Planning Firm, British Columbia, in the AI Global Excellence Awards.