Issue 3 2020

Acquisition International - Issue 3 2020 13 Jan20066 hen it comes to cosmetic surgery, the first priority should always be finding a surgeon who you can not only trust but is experienced and has a passion for the work. Dr. Joaquin Perez-Guisado Rosa brings all of these aspects to his role, leading a talented team with the most professional of approaches. Allowing clients to build confidence in him and his abilities is made easy by an honest accessibility, and it is this trait that has built the reputation of his business most. Since an early age, Dr. Joaquin Perez-Guisado Rosa has made study of anatomy his interest and eventual his business. Studying to be a vet in 2000 took second place to the study of human medicine and surgery at the University of Granada (Spain). In 2004, Perez-Guisado collected his first PhD, appropriately in the field of veterinary style and his second in 2014. This was an International PhD in Medicine and both were ‘cum laude’. Between 2005 and 2009, Dr. Perez-Guisado served as the Medical Director at a pharmaceutical laboratory, further building the skills he would need for his new life as a plastic surgeon. This commitment to educating himself is reflected in the amount of academic involvement that Dr. Joaquin Perez-Guisado Rosa has partaken in. To date, he has published forty scientific articles, nearly thirty scientific communications and been invited to speak as a guest at events nine times. In print, he has found a position on the editorial boards of the International Journal of Burns and Trauma, the Journal of Dermatology and Plastic Surgery, Obesity and Control, and finally Obesity and Control Therapies, demonstrating how highly his opinion is valued in these areas. A natural interest in the way that people look and perceive themselves has always been a part of Dr. Perez-Guisado’s life. He was a proud trainer for bodybuilders, guiding their nutrition and muscle development, going on to discover and publish the weight loss program known as ‘Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet’. The next step was the realm of plastic surgery and he went on to take a five years internship in the medical speciality of Reconstructive, Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery at the University Hospital of Reina Sofia (2008- 2013). During this five years internship period, Dr. Perez-Guisado took advantage of several foreign internships in the field, spending three months in Alabama, three months in Florida, three months in Santiago de Chile and three months in the Czech Republic. The main consequence of this extended internship was that Dr. Perez-Guisado learnt the best qualities of many surgeons for all over the world and became incredibly specialized in his approach. Since 2013, he has been working primarily as a Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon in several hospitals. Currently, he can be found working in Hospital Virgen del Mar (Almeria), Hospital Cruz Roja de Córdoba and Policlinica Jaen. These specialized services cover a wide range W Cosmetic surgery can change a life. If done right, it can boost self-esteem and improve health and happiness. Finding a cosmetic surgeon who can be trusted to provide a service that truly achieves the best results, therefore, is essential. Enter Dr. Joaquin Perez-Guisado Rosa, winner of Acquisition International’s 2020 Global Excellence Award for Most Influential Cosmetic & Restorative Surgeon 2020 – Spain. In a field as fascinating as his, we took a closer look at the man and his business to find out more. The Body You’ve Always Wanted of areas and can be discussed with Dr. Perez-Guisado in confidence, over a video call with no obligation to continue. Able to offer his services in the handling of fat loss, breast augmentation, blepharoplasty, otoplasty, face lifting, genital surgery, circumferential tummy tuck and buttocks augmentation amongst other options. Like all good plastic surgeons, he has been able to gain the trust of his clients through clear experience and expertise. In full awareness of the positive impact that his work can have on a person thanks to the significant research taken before making the decision, Dr. Perez-Guisado works incredibly hard to get the best results for his clients. This dedication to making people feel more comfortable in their own bodies is admirable and is what really elevates Dr. Perez-Guisado’s work above his peers. It’s his considerable body of work that allows his clients to trust in his work and take the steps they need to take to get the body they want. Contact: Dr. Joaquin Perez-Guisado Rosa Website: Email: [email protected] “Allowing clients to build confidence in him and his abilities is made easy by an honest accessibility, and it is this trait that has built the reputation of his business most.”