Issue 3 2020

12 Acquisition International - Issue 3 2020 Dec19140 s a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, RDTS plays a vital role in the smooth running of government services. Taking a lead on projects such as IT, Program Management and Systems and Software Development, this company’s experienced staff can be deployed through various contracts to design, manage or deliver projects or systems to meet specific standards or certifications. The way in which RDTS operates is particularly agile, taking advantage of technological methodologies that can contribute to corporate certifications such as ISO 9001: 2015. Staff are placed into projects and systems as a turnkey solution, so are well-equipped to pick up the details of a situation quickly and take decisive action to improve it. RDTS remains confident that it is able to provide the best possible service, practices and price points to the government. The departments that RDTS support are across the Federal Defense, Civilian and Health sectors. These clients include clients such as the Department of Veteran Affairs, Department of the Navy, US Army, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Interior, Department of State and the Department of Commerce, to name but a few. The wide range of support on offer has allowed members of the business to attend agency networking events, thereby creating business from its own success. Not just servicing a wide range of departments, RDTS manages to handle a wide portfolio of different projects beyond those already mentioned. When it comes to the important work done in departments, there is always the need for more development with Administrative work, Systems Engineering & Integration, Records Management, Network Management, Temporary Staffing Services, Data Center Operations, Security Administration and of course Cybersecurity. At the heart of the company are the core values of trust, integrity and loyalty to everyone involved, whether it be employees, customers, and teaming partners. This is the bare minimum on offer to anyone who deals with RDTS. As ever, this success comes directly from the diverse and talented team of dedicated and hardworking professionals that make up the company. With some of the work that this team is involved in not just extremely important, but often mission critical, it’s here that the need for high standards is evident. RDTS often makes deliberate steps towards improving industry knowledge and skills, not just to keep pace with the latest technologies, but to maintain the best in industry practices. This standard applies at every level and type of requirement, with RDTS having a rich history of providing excellent quality services to all its clients. Looking forward, RDTS finds itself with new ambitions moving forward. It is currently entering the final two years of the transitional stage of the Small Business Association 8(a) program participation and must A When it comes to providing support services, there’s no client finer than the Federal Government. With sound and sensible suggestions, RightDirection Technology Solutions (RDTS) has provided exceptional service for a range of organizations like the government for over ten years. After being recognized in Acquisition International’s 2020 Global Excellence Awards as Maryland’s Best Veteran-Owned Small Business – 2020, we profiled the company to find out more. Venerable Veterans Venture establish a transition management strategy, strong competitive advantage and continue to improve on all the aspects of the business, its products and services, that have made such a success so far. Currently, the competitive strategy revolves around increasing non-8(a) revenue by 60%, enhancing interior communications, strengthening relationships with clients and leveraging industry partners with similar experience. Perfecting this is the key to setting RDTS apart from its competitors. RDTS has made itself the best in the business through enforcing the highest possible standards. This approach has really encouraged a special approach to customer care that guarantees the best possible result no matter where they work. It’s why as times change, this company is perfectly suited to changing with them in the name of excellent service. Company: RightDirection Technology Solutions, LLC Contact: Paula Sakun Website: “The wide range of support on offer has allowed members of the business to attend agency networking events, thereby creating business from its own success.”