Issue 2 2021

36 Acquisition International - Issue 2 2021 Jul20351 Meticulously Planned Strategies stablished in 1951, the Abscisse Escoffier Group is a leading accounting and audit firm in Lyon, Chazay-d’Azergues, and Heyrieux in Rhône-Alpes, France, that serves the VSEs, SMEs, and SMIs of the region. Founded by the father of current president, M. Marc Escoffier, the accountancy firm grew into the Abscisse Group in the hands of the latter in 1990, and continued to grow into three additional firms between 2002 and 2009, which are now managed by Marc and his associates, M. Serge Bottoli and M. Christophe Vocanson. Today, the firm provides comprehensive services in auditing and accounting, including in the management of human resources, which can all be outsourced to Abscisse, a firm which seeks to be so much than a service provider but a partner in which their clients can trust. Equipped with sixty years of industry knowledge and insight, the Abscisse team is able to provide services to enhance a company across all of its varied functions, working with clients to create meticulously planned strategies and make careful decisions which will accommodate business success and growth. Specialists in management support, Abscisse works closely with business owners and leaders to offer sound advice that will propel them towards their visions and goals for their business, whilst saving time and money. Abscisse works flexibly and in strict accordance to the requirements and wishes of their clients, taking a financial, strategic, or partnership approach to the business and crafting a solution that incorporates all of these attributes to fulfil the clients’ demands. As such, Abscisse has helped clients to set up, take over and acquire businesses, define and carry out business and finance plans, optimise wealth management, analyse and evaluate external growth policies, negotiate shareholder agreements, and much more besides. As a full-service firm, Abscisse’s service offering goes even further than management support. For clients looking to outsource the management of their human resources departments for senior staff and employees, Abscisse is able to take on the handling of payroll, establishment of social declarations and employee documents, manage the continuation of training budgets and consistently monitor social and contractual legislation so that companies are able to stay up to date and compliant in their employee operations. Clients are able to benefit from the legal and financial advice of Abscisse’s HR Management department, whilst also handing over the smaller, time- consuming tasks, so that they can focus on the bigger picture of their business growth. Abscisse also implements its seventy years of auditing and accountancy experience in the management, maintenance and E Cabinet Escoffier is a law firm subsidiary of the Abscisse Group, a leading auditing and accountancy firm that has served VSEs, SMEs, and SMIs across Rhône-Alpes for more than sixty years. Offering specialist services in the management of a company and its many functions, the Abscisse Escoffier Group provides profound expertise in strategic decision-making, helping clients to manage and develop their business towards growth and success. As the firm enters its seventieth year of operation, we take a closer look at the family-owned business’ own development to become a leading European advisor in accountancy and audit. auditing of its clients’ accounts, securing declarative obligations, and developing dashboards for more efficient budget monitoring. The firm is also able to support clients who use Abscisse’s online tools, enabling them to incorporate vital IT infrastructure into their operations, whilst avoiding costs that these systems can often generate. Abscisse is able to help clients to secure this IT infrastructure, ensure legal compliance of all internal IT procedures, and implement and maintain their online management and accounting products without relying on IT support staff. In doing so, Abscisse is able to speed up processes in IT and make developing a business more efficient, without the need for excessive costs, travelling, or prolonged timescales. Abscisse’s law firm subsidiary, the Cabinet Escoffier, handles all statutory audit activity, working in collaboration with the clients to use the insights gained from audits to inform decision-making about their projects. Providing services in legal, IT, social, and acquisition audit, the Cabinet Escoffier is able to offer valuable insights for clients whether they are taking over a company, studying compliance of operations or the management of personnel. As Abscisse enters its seventieth year of successful operations, it is in the midst of a challenging social and economic climate that is proving to be unpredictable and changeable for businesses of all sizes, let alone the smaller establishments that make up Abscisse’s clientele. However, Abscisse has built its reputation for being so much more than accountants to its clients, but partners and advisors too. At every crucial stage of a business’ growth and development, Abscisse has played a valuable role in supporting its clients, providing stability and creativity that inspires innovation and evolution. Thus, with the next promising decade ahead, Abscisse is able to look forward with great enthusiasm. In its continued commitment to personalised service delivered by high quality operational teams dedicated to engaging in technical elements of managing and maintaining a business, Abscisse is set to remain a trusted, professional partner in accountancy and audit for its clients across Rhône-Alpes for decades to come. Company: Cabinet Escoffier Contact: Frederic Sabrie Website: