Issue 2 2021

Acquisition International - Issue 2 2021 35 Legal Events Firm Secure Success Networking is an enormous part of any industry. It’s not just what you know, it’s who you know. Running those events is no mean feat, and involves a great deal of care and attention. Named Best Legal Event Organisers – Europe in the AI Legal Awards, Netlaw Media Ltd is at the forefront of this industry. In spite of the numerous challenges over the last year, they’ve done the remarkable. We look more closely to find out more. hile based in the UK, what Netlaw Media provide is a truly international approach to the legal industry. At the heart of every event is a determination to bring people together to discuss and to get to know the challenges in a constantly evolving marketplace. It’s impossible to think of Europe’s strong heritage in the legal profession without considering the tremendous impact that Netlaw Media has had. The team’s impressive portfolio of events includes The British Legal Technology Forum, The British Legal Technology Awards, The European Legal Security Forum, The London Law Expo, LegalTech Talks and LegalTech Talks – Masterclasses. Each brings its own unique flavor to proceedings, showcasing and focusing on different areas of the law. Over the years, the team has been proud to sell out tickets on its in-person major events. Those attending know that they will have the perfect opportunity to learn more from peers and professionals when it comes to the state of the industry. A comprehensive blend of strategy, case studies, interactive workshops and open discussions ensures that everyone can take part and that nobody is left behind. Knowing the latest in the legal industry gives professionals an edge when it comes to satisfying the needs of clients. Of course, these events are only part of the impressive offering that Netlaw Media provides. Their work also includes the educational LegalTech Talks. This educational and challenging content really gets to the heart of some of the thorniest issues in the legal sector today. Freely accessible to law firms, barristers’ chambers and corporate legal department subscribers, the system has gained over 1,800 subscribers from across the globe. An extension of this is the LegalTech Talks Masterclasses, a series of virtual and in-person masterclasses designed to help law firms overcome a wide range of issues that are present in the current climate. Led by thought leaders in the industry, these have proven incredibly successful and a worthy addition to the Netlaw Media portfolio. Alongside these large events, the team are able to apply their talents to the specific needs of certain clients. Their success with their own events makes Netlaw Media the ideal choice for constructing, promoting, managing and executing events, conferences, in-house seminars, dinners and awards ceremonies of all sorts. Law firms, businesses and associations can rest easy, knowing that a specialist in the field is involved. The team’s specific focus on the legal profession means that they know the audiences of these events well, and can effortlessly meet their expectations. Company: Netlaw Media Ltd Contact: Rebecca Lock Website: Aug20310 W The continued success of the firm means that they have built up an impressive database of information. Those who take on Netlaw Media also take on the use of an extensive network of clubs, websites and advertising route ways to secure event audiences on their behalf. When it comes to social media, the team boast one of the UK’s most followed law accounts on Twitter (@NetlawMedia) with over 45,000 followers. In short, choosing to work alongside Netlaw Media is a choice to take on their expertise and experience in every regard. They are, justifiably, regarded as the premier choice in the industry, a position which is not likely to be disputed any time soon.