Issue 2 2021

Acquisition International - Issue 2 2021 31 Nov20742 Leading Tax Advisor Secures Success The regulatory environment is constantly changing, creating new pockets of opportunity within the audit, accounting and tax market. The team at Mann Made Group lead the way in this field. Recognised in the Accounting Audit and Tax Awards 2020 as Best Independent Tax Advisory Company - Isle of Man and Recognised Lead in Corporate & Trust Advisory Services - Isle of Man, we took a closer look to find out more. When clients come to Mann Made Group, they take on a provider which is fully independent and owner managed. It has not only allowed the team to steer their own course, but to make decisions on behalf of their clients in a way that is both quick and effective. Mann Made Group focuses on providing Trusts and companies with the support they need, as well as high level tax advice to ultra-high net worth individuals. The size of the firm ensures that the team’s clients get the bespoke attention they expect and deserve, with a personal service guaranteed. Unlike larger companies, this is a team who work alongside their clients to build a solid structure that will satisfy every financial goal. The challenges that face Mann Made Group changes with the regulatory landscape. This has the potential of creating new opportunities to employ the best compliance personnel. By making sure that Mann Made Group is fully compliant, the team are in the best possible position to advise clients on how to move forward within new regulatory frameworks. The team do nothing for their clients that they would not be comfortable doing with the company itself. The field of tax and accounting is one which is often impenetrable to the uninitiated. The Mann Made Group team take the time to set out in clear writing exactly what they understand by a situation, what needs to be considered and what potential solutions there are. This level of transparency is not often found in tax firms, but Mann Made Group applies it to the advice they give and the fees they charge. Where possible, fixed fees are used to ensure that there can be no misunderstanding in this regard. The impressive quality of the Mann Made Group has made advertising redundant at present. The team are expanding organically, mainly on the strong reputation the firm has with its clients. The technical knowhow and quality of the team’s services has been more than enough to secure success thus far, and it’s an approach which the team will continue to use for the coming years. Naturally, as time goes on, the world of accounting is likely to become more transparent. Technology will open the door to a new wave of customers who have a deeper understanding that will benefit the team at Mann Made Group. The role of advisors, as they see it, is to continually adapt to the changing nature of the world to ensure that the services they provide are truly first-class and second to none. Clients expect value, and that’s precisely what Mann Made Group is determined to provide. While the world has become more technologically minded, however, the increase in compliance and corporate governance has had a Company: Mann Made Group Contact: Anastasia Alekseeva Website: direct effect on how quickly companies can execute transactions. When Mann Made Group is involved, the team work tirelessly to ensure that they move things along as quickly as possible, ensuring they have the resources to hand to reduce delays and keep lack of compliance to the minimum possible level. This high level of service is not only the secret to the team’s success, but why they will continue to flourish for years to come. Mann Made Group applies it to the advice they give and the fees they charge. Where possible, fixed fees are used to ensure that there can be no misunderstanding in this regard.