Issue 2 2020

52 Acquisition International - Issue 2 2020 Nov19311 Company: Edwards Law Contact: Jeffrey Edwards Website: egal firms exist to help people. Whether that is defending people from wrongful claims or gratuitous prosecution, or ensuring that a client gets the compensation and justice that they deserve, law firms exist to maintain balance, fairness and equality for all. Founded by Mr Jeffrey Edwards, Edwards Law does exactly that. Resolutely focused on obtaining deserved justice, the firm has been responsible for hundreds of cases ranging from out-of-courtroom settlements, to full jury verdicts. In everything that he and his team does, the core focus and commitment remains the same; to help the client achieve a result that delivers on exactly what they need. Whilst Edwards Law takes on many cases, the client always remains the top priority at all times. In choosing Mr Edwards as a lawyer, clients can rest assured that their trust will not be taken for granted. The whole team alongside Mr Edwards offers personal attention and tailored advice throughout the duration of a case, ensuring that the client is kept fully advised and up-to-date on all things that are happening. A shining example of integrity, courage, and legal excellence, Mr Edwards is always ready to stand with his clients in the courtroom, fighting their corner with experience, ability and passion. Mr Edwards may not have always been a lawyer, but he has always had a desire to help people, no matter who they are or where they hail from. Prior to studying for a career in law, Mr Edwards went to Dartmouth College and taught sixth-grade in the Rio Grande Valley as part of the Teach for America Program. Then, in 1999, Mr Edwards completed a joint honors degree in law and public affairs from the University of Texas School of Law, and the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs. Following his successful graduation, Mr Edwards then went on to work for an international defense firm, practicing business litigation and defending companies accused of securities fraud. However, his desire to help individuals won out once again, and he decided to begin representation for plaintiffs. Since 2003, Mr Edwards has worked with people who have had to endure significant hardships, be they medical, personal, financial, or in any other form. His desire to help people has not wavered over the years, remaining diligent in his pursuit of justice for those that deserve it most. In the years since deciding to represent plaintiffs across Texas, Mr Edwards has won a great deal of trials and settlements for his clients, some even resulting in multi-million dollar recoveries. Such is the breadth of his ability, Mr Edwards has resolved cases including wrongful imprisonment, securities fraud against investment banks, and the drowning of a child at a swimming pool, amongst many others. Not barred by location, Mr Edwards has worked tirelessly to L Everyone deserves justice. Whatever the case and whoever the client, the legal system must be made to work fairly and justly for all people. One such man championing civil rights cases across Texas is Jeffrey Edwards. Through his dedicated and unrelenting pursuit of justice, Mr Edwards has been recognized in this issue of Acquisition International as the Leading Civil Rights Litigation Attorney of the Year, Texas. We profiled the man to learn more. Championing Civil Rights secure major victories across places such as Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Angelo, Marshall, Amarillo, San Antonio, and Michigan. Alongside his breadth of legal ability and excellence, Mr Edwards has garnered acclaim for his work in the fields of medical malpractice and civil rights. From police shootings and sexual misconduct by governmental employees, to jail deaths and medical failures in diagnoses or treatment provision, Mr Edwards will fight doggedly to secure justice for his client. As a result of his outstanding work, Mr Edwards’ peers have duly recognized him as a Texas Super Lawyer, awarded to only the top five percent of practicing lawyers in the state. Despite the wealth of success that Mr Edwards and his firm continue to achieve, he never forgets the desire behind it all; to help people. In 2008, the Texas Civil Rights Project awarded Mr Edwards their award for being a Pro Bono Champion after successfully resolving sexual abuse cases at the Texas Youth Commission, and making systemic changes to the way the juvenile system treats young people. His commitment to making each community better is as steadfast as ever, and will undoubtedly continue to be so. Ultimately, Mr Edwards is not just an outstanding lawyer; he is an outstanding man. Legally excellent, unashamedly courageous, and completely unrelenting in his pursuit of judicial fairness, there are few lawyers more deserving of praise than Mr Edwards. Alongside his team at Edwards Law, long may he continue to deliver justice for the people of Texas.