Issue 2 2020

Acquisition International - Issue 2 2020 51 of people that need help in solving their problems. He hopes that this approach will allow for the rapid and successful expansion of the firm, and the capability to take advantage of the new opportunities that come from this. For Jake Hinkins, the triumph of his business reflects his successful practice as a litigator. Not content with settling, he continues to push his firm to provide clients with the best possible service. It is this continued ambition that sets him apart from the rest and makes him a truly leading advisor. Contact: Jake Hinkins Website: Dec19366 A N D E R S O N H I N K I N S Litigation firm specializing inAdoptions,Business law, Civil Litigation, Criminal Law, Estate Planning, Family Law, Personal Injury, and Workers’ Compensation. Fantastic Family Lawyer Nothing is more important than family, and finding a specialist in this contentious field is a relief to those who need these services. T. Jake Hinkins of Anderson Hinkins LLC is an excellent litigator and was recognised for his hard work being named as Acquisition International’s Leading Family Law Attorney of the Year, Utah. With this new achievement under his belt, we took a closer look at him and his firm to find out more. ith a thorough commitment to excellence, the success of Hinkins and his firm is no great surprise. It’s the natural result of dedicating himself to his craft in the name of helping others. Anderson Hinkins’ clients are real people, with litigation having real consequences. The solutions he tries to find are always practical and based in the real world. With his JD gained from the University of Nebraska College of Law and a BA in Business Marketing from Southern Utah University, it seemed a natural step for Hinkins to set up his own business. Anderson Hinkins was established in 2007, and since then has proven to be a beacon for those who need his services most. While the practice covers a range of issues, his own specific areas of interest include general litigation, business law and litigation, family law litigation as well as wills and trusts. Hinkins is not only intimately aware of the fact that every client has different needs, but also that the best way to serve them is to understand the wholeness of the dilemma they are in. This is the first step on the long journey that is the legal system. Fortunately, Hinkins excels in guiding his clients through the process, helping them to achieve the best possible solution. An advantage that Hinkins brings to any case he is involved in is a set of special distinctions. Recognized by the Order of Barristers with a National Honorarium for excellence and high honor through the art of courtroom advocacy only follows the various success he achieved while at the University of Nebraska College of Law. These including being named Civil Clinic Student of the Year and appointed as a member on both the Moot Court Board and Client Counseling Board. Perhaps his highest achievement so far has been his admittance to practice in the Supreme Court of the United States of America. Anderson Hinkins always puts the needs of its clients first and foremost, with nothing less than superior legal services sufficing for the challenging matters that clients bring. The energetic and hard- working team are proud to bring innovative solutions to complex problems, with the time they put into a case resulting in loyal clients who value their dedication. The overall goal is to become an integrated advisor that clients can depend upon whenever they are needed. The practice of law obviously brings with it a special obligation to act with integrity, and Anderson Hinkins are committed to doing what’s right even if no one will ever find out. This means that the team will always attempt to strengthen a community through its actions, whether legal or non-legal. Moving forward, Hinkins intends to lead the firm in a direction of mediations that will equip the business to serve a whole new subset “Hinkins intends to lead the firm in a direction of mediations that will equip the business to serve a whole new subset of people that need help in solving their problems.” W