Issue 2 2020

26 Acquisition International - Issue 2 2020 Nov19345 Florida’s Finest Whether under arrest, charged with a criminal offense, or under investigation for a crime, moving swiftly to find the right criminal defense attorney is the best first thing that can be done. Enter D. Scott Monroe, Esq., Florida’s Leading Criminal Defense Attorney of 2019. As part of his inclusion in Acquisition International, we profile Mr Monroe to learn more about his recent success. elieving that both sides in every case should be represented fairly, the award-winning criminal defense attorneys at Monroe & King, P.A. bring the experience, skill, and legal knowledge to aggressively defend clients against the most serious of criminal charges. Being arrested, charged, or even merely investigated can leave individuals feeling understandably overwhelmed and occasionally isolated. It is during those times that having the backing of a trusted attorney can make all the difference. Not just any attorney however. In Mr Monroe, clients have someone who will fight their corner in relentless pursuit of justice and freedom. Recognised as an authority on criminal law at both state and federal levels, Mr Monroe is one of the most prolific and skilled lawyers currently operating in the Duval County area of the State of Florida. His extensive knowledge of the judicial system in America has been accrued over many years, beginning with a bachelor’s degree from Auburn University in Alabama. Following his graduation in 2006, Mr Monroe then went on to study at the Florida Coastal School of Law, earning his Jurisprudence Doctorate in 2010. After completing his study, Mr Monroe then remained in Florida where he worked as an assistant state attorney, felony prosecutor, and special prosecutor for the State of Florida across multiple judicial circuits. Having gained invaluable experience in the courtroom delivering impressive results for his clients, Mr Monroe then set his sights on establishing his own professional association, and set about doing just that. In 2016, Mr Monroe started his own law firm, Scott Monroe Law, P.A., and began producing outstanding legal results for clients across the state. Scott Monroe Law, P.A. was founded on the belief that every client should have access to him at every hour of the day or night if needs be. To this day, Mr Monroe continues to commit himself entirely to his client’s cause, helping them through every phase of the case both in and out of the courtroom. Methodical and careful, he also takes the time and care to explain every piece of evidence, law, pro, con, possibility, and legal option to his clients to ensure that the best decision is reached. It is these core beliefs that made, and continue to make, Mr Monroe into a legal powerhouse across Duval County in northern Florida. Unremitting in his desire to achieve the best possible outcome for each and every client, Mr Monroe then brought in a partner, Alex King. Thus, Monroe & King, P.A. was born and Mr Monroe has gone on to continue winning results for his clients that are truly exceptional. Now, four years on from the firm’s inception, the entire team is well- versed in a wide variety of criminal matters. These include, but are not limited to, assault and battery, domestic violence, DUI, drug crimes, B federal crimes, injunctions, theft and burglary, violations of probation, and white collar crimes. Throughout his career as a criminal defense attorney, Mr Monroe has yet to lose a trial. His impeccable record has seen him rated by the National Trial Lawyers Association as one of the Top 100 Criminal Trial Attorneys across the entirety of the United States. His outstanding work has also seen him gain a vast array of accolades and awards from Premier Lawyers of America, the American Institute of Legal Advocates, the American Academy of Attorneys, and many more. Mr Monroe’s zealous dedication, coupled with an impressive track record and extensive legal knowledge, have positioned him as one of the best criminal defense lawyers around. No matter the complexity or severity of a situation, Mr Monroe and his team will endeavour to fight for a client with ardent desire to see the best possible outcome achieved. Company: Monroe & King, P.A. Contact: D. Scott Monroe, Esq. Website: