Issue 2 2020

Acquisition International - Issue 2 2020 25 Nov19347 Spanning more than three generations since 1914, House of Louis is a family-owned enterprise offering services in property, technology, travel, finance, and law to name but a few. One of the firm’s subsidiaries, Singapore- based Banc Roche, has been named in this month’s issue of Acquisition International as 2020’s Best for Renewable Energy Venture Capital Initiatives in Singapore. To find out how the firm earned its success, we profiled the business, and parent company House of Louis. Cracking the Cryptocurrency Code hat began with Lebanese brothers Salim and Michel Louis in 1914 has evolved over the course of more than a century to be a global enterprise, with talent and skill in many of the world’s foremost industries. Now, as the firm prepares to enter its twelfth decade of service, Singaporean subsidiary Banc Roche is making headlines for its innovative work as one of the country’s best for renewable energy venture capital initiatives. However, the firm’s ongoing commitment to delivering excellence within renewable energy venture capital goes beyond its own Singaporean boundaries into South Africa and the cybersphere. Banc Roche functions as a private equity house, providing venture capital to businesses with services in real estate, technology, renewable energy, and many more. With an extensive and diverse client portfolio, the firm’s unique market understanding, and outstanding services can go a long in helping many different industries. A prime example of Banc Roche’s excellence in renewable energy includes the House of Louis® application, for which it awaits licensing approval is one of the largest Solar Park’s in the Western Cape South Africa, which will span more than 265 hectares. On that land, both House of Louis and Banc Roche are seeking to provide a great deal of solar panels to help generate plenty of electric power that will feed into the main energy grids. The cybersphere may not strike many as a place where renewable energy can do a great deal of good. However, the vision of those working as Banc Roche have ensured that it is an area in which the firm can make an impact. The last few years have seen the firm make significant venture capital investments into research and development, endeavouring to solve a dilemma faced by many of the world’s cryptocurrency miners. The problem itself is threefold, and therefore requires a solution aimed at tackling all three issues. Mining for cryptocurrency can be a lengthy and often unfruitful process, all the while delivering three major problems; significant power usage, loud levels of noise, and minimal hash generation rates. Banc Roche’s Liquid Immersion Cooling is the most cost-effective way to address these three main issues plaguing cryptocurrency miners at work in the world today. By immersing mining hardware in specially-formulated solvents, miners can W dramatically reduce their overall power costs, increase the rates at which hashes are generated, and decrease noise levels. However, Banc Roche went a step further in researching and developing innovative solutions for the cryptocurrency miners of today. When it comes to mining for cryptocurrency, it is important to have increasing amounts of hashes generated. However, this can further increase the levels of power output and do more damage to the environment. In what can only be described as an act of true innovation, the team at Banc Roche created a unique solution, known as ‘Algorithmic Platform DNA Mapping’. This latest innovation stretches the already-impressive capabilities of liquid immersion cooling to reduce power even further, whilst significantly increasing the output of hashes. Ultimately, Banc Roche is just the latest success in more than a century’s worth for House of Louis. By delivering actionable renewable energy venture capital initiatives and support for businesses in Singapore and beyond, the firm continues to make sure it is at the forefront of one of the most exciting and necessary industries of the future. Company: Banc Roche Pte Ltd. (Singapore) Contact: Brian Louis (Group Communications) Website: