Issue 12 2021

18 Acquisition International - Issue 12 2021 Oct21444 helping each one of them to unlock their potential and put their strong dispositions and work ethics to good use. Importantly, each of its staff also enjoys their work. This is a big part of how Schmelz Rechtsanwalte ensures that it maintains a good working environment, one that ultimately pulled it through the trials and tribulations of the Covid-19 pandemic’s worst impacts, despite the challenges this involved. It has been informed by a variety of its clients how the pandemic has impacted them personally, after all, with many of them facing significant limitations from their supply chains and the world’s distributions and delivery channels really only just recovering after tumult of 2020. Incoming orders from many clients can once again be processed without issue, but the industry as awholewill be feeling the ripple effects of the catastrophe for quite some time, meaning that companies such as Schmelz Rechtsanwalte have made themselves more of a partner than ever to its corporate clients in order to help them manage. This law firm, forever in its clients’ corner, has made itself an invaluable aid during a time of crisis, and it is still sticking determinedly by its clients impacted by distribution struggles as they recover their supply lines. After years of gradual growth – and even with the pandemic putting it on pause – this company is looking forward to further growth in the near future, with 2022 promising additional expansion that will allow it to take itself and its clients into the future. Diverse Clientele, Reliable Results n agile law firm, Schmelz Rechtsanwalte specialises in the field of civil law in particular. With its partner, Eva Schmelz, being one of the rising stars of family law, this law firm’s leading front-runner Dorian Schmelz has taken the helm in civil law with diligence and tenacity, cultivating an exemplary reputation as a foremost expert in real estate and association litigation. Fundamentally, Schmelz Rechtsanwalte’s clients span a wide and diverse spectrum of people. It represents both private clients and companies in matters of everything from family and inheritance law to commercial law and legal disputes in the corporate ecosystem that thrives in Germany; this has earned several high-prestige clients such as large landowners and property managers, as well as several health and pharmaceutical companies. Furthermore, working in a sector such as law and litigation, it has been able to develop this reputation from the standard of its consultancy. Providing comprehensive and well-informed advice to its clients across the board, its staff are qualified, motivated, and exemplary, becoming Schmelz Rechtsanwalte’s greatest asset with their brilliant approach to both their work and the clients case in the macro scale. On a personal level, it is always on the lookout for fresh young talent, as it knows it is these young legal minds who will be shaping the future of the industry. Thus, it hires such fresh faces and trains them up within a culture of client-first litigation and legal advisory services, A Schmelz Rechtsanwalte, the ‘Leading Family and Divorce Lawyer of the Year’ for Austria, is a company working hard to serve a huge diversity of clients with exemplary legal advice and services. Making itself the backbone to its client’s familial legal structure – especially regarding inheritance and divorce settlement – as well as securing itself as a business partner for its corporate clientele, its efforts have secured its place as a leader in the delivery of exemplary legal services across a wide market segment. Company: Schmelz Rechtsanwalte Contact: Dorian Schmelz Website: