Issue 12 2019

Acquisition International - Issue 12 2019 19 Oct19551 Company: Taylor DeVore PC Contact: David Taylor Website: laces of work can come under increasing levels of accusations when illness strikes, and the necessity for an experienced attorney with top litigation, mediation, and arbitration skills cannot be overstated. Whilst some chemical substances can cause illness, attorneys at Taylor DeVore PC work hard to highlight the fact that correlation is not necessarily causation. Toxic tort claims can seriously affect the public image of a firm, so discretion is an absolute must for any attorney working with a client. Combining all this together into outstanding legal services as one of Indiana’s leading environmental litigation attorneys is David Taylor, one of the finest, most dedicated, and most discreet lawyers capable of handling any toxic tort case. Graduating from Wabash College’s class of 1983 cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree, David then went on to study for his Juris Doctor degree from Indiana University’s law school. There, he refined his legal craft and graduated in 1986. Immediately following his successes at university, David was admitted to practice law in the U.S. District Courts of Northern and Southern Indiana, as well as the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. Since his admission, David has continued to develop his legal prowess and become one of the finest environmental litigation attorneys operating in the state of Indiana today. In the years since being a part of the team at Taylor DeVore PC, David has worked hard to further his knowledge of environmental toxicity and how it might affects businesses and organizations across Indiana. Now a vastly experienced attorney, David helps shed light on both the science and regulations that govern occupational and environmental exposure to harmful chemicals. As part of his work with Taylor DeVore PC, David assists all manner of clients with toxic tort claims where discretion is key. Partnering closely with businesses and organizations, the firm develop litigation or negotiation strategies that work in tandem with clients’ financial and logistical goals. Where these cases can often result in large settlements, David’s experience is truly invaluable in every meeting. His knowledge of the Indianapolis legal landscape enables him to always work in the clients’ best interests, and get the best results. Whilst there are many thousands of chemicals that can cause harm to humans, exposure can take many forms. From birth defects, to cancer, to many other medical conditions, toxic exposure is devastating. Those aforementioned chemicals can end up everywhere, including the air, water, and soil that people interact with P When people get sick, there is often a scramble to find out what has caused it and blame someone. For businesses and organizations, there is a real danger of coming under fire from toxic tort claims which can seriously impair reputation. Helping companies navigate these claims is Indiana-based firm Taylor DeVore PC. Also home to one of the state’s leading environmental litigation attorneys of the year in David L. Taylor, we profile both the firm and the man to find out more about their outstanding success. Countering Contamination Claims on a daily basis. The work of Taylor DeVore PC and David revolves around protecting companies who have been wrongly accused of causing specific cases of disease. Fully investigating every case, the firm defend against all claims, whilst making full use of environmental scientists, medical professionals, and other investigators. Alongside the outstanding work that Taylor DeVore PC do with regards to toxic tort claims, the firm is also responsible for insurance defense, and product liability insurance defense claims. Drawing on years of legal knowledge, the firm work to apply relevant law in limiting or eliminating client liability, or challenging allegations of defective design, manufacture and labelling. David’s work at Taylor DeVore PC has been nothing short of exceptional, and continues to be to this day. For companies facing the terrifying prospect of a very damaging toxic tort claim or insurance defense case, the benefits of an experienced Indianapolis attorney cannot be overstated. David’s diligence and determination consistently returns successful and cost-effective results for his clients, and the future remains bright for both himself, and the firm.