Issue 12 2019

20 Acquisition International - Issue 12 2019 Oct19544 Formidable Finance Lawyer When in the courtroom, every single bit of experience matters. Drucker Hopkins has been representing clients involved in business litigation of all kinds, winning some truly outstanding results across courtrooms in the greater Houston area, and all over Texas. Also home to one of the state’s leading banking and finance law attorneys, discover the firm’s secret to success as we profile managing partner Kirby D. Hopkins. ne of the most talented and dedicated lawyers currently operating in the state of Texas, Kirby D. Hopkins is a beacon of legal professionalism and creativity for companies, financial institutions and business individuals caught up in litigation lawsuits. Since being admitted to practice law in the state of Texas more than 17 years ago, Mr Hopkins has cultivated a reputation for delivering exceptional results in the courtroom. Whether securing defence verdicts for innocent parties or serving justice for plaintiffs, Mr Hopkins has made Drucker Hopkins into a formidable force to be reckoned with across all of Texas’ courtrooms. Prior to starting his own law firm as managing partner and attorney, Mr Hopkins learned his legal craft at university. Following his Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Psychology from Vanderbilt University, Mr Hopkins then went on to study at the University of Texas School of Law, where he earned his Doctor of Jurisprudence degree. Mr Hopkins went on to work as a briefing attorney at the Thirteenth Court of Appeals in both Edinburg and Corpus Christi. Working as part of an appellate practice, Mr Hopkins was able to see the effects of appeals, trial, and post-trial issues. After working for two years as a briefing attorney, he then joined the law firm Drucker, Rutledge & Smith LLP as an associate, handling litigation in many different areas. Covering banking, construction, employment, real estate, securities, commercial, and many more areas of law, Mr Hopkins began to build a wealth of knowledge for any courtroom. Drawing on every ounce of his considerable experience both at university and across the courtrooms, Mr Hopkins then partnered with Douglas R. Drucker to found Drucker Hopkins in November 2013. Now firmly established as one of Texas’ best banking and finance law attorneys, Mr Hopkins’ renown is clear for all to see. Successfully defending America’s largest national banks against fraudulent charges, he has won a number of cases against claims of multi-million dollars, even taking some cases as high as the Texas Supreme Court when they have been appealed. Whether defending against aiding and abetting securities fraud claims, or accusations of failing to fulfil fiduciary duties, Mr Hopkins brings the legal knowledge, determination, and drive to ensure every client gets the best defence in town. As many complex lawsuits and trials take place, Mr Hopkins’ clarity of thought and ability to focus on key details has seen him win many cases in favour of the defendant. In the fifteen years since leaving his role as briefing attorney, Mr Hopkins has accrued a myriad of professional honours and recognitions for his outstanding legal work. Between 2006 and 2008 he became the director for the Houston Young Lawyer Association, before going to become the Board of Directors Liaison for the Texas Young Lawyers Association between 2008 and 2010. Also being a O member of The Woodlands Bar Association, Mr Hopkins has also risen through the ranks to gain influence there. From his role as Chair of Social Activities between 2011-13, to Vice-President in 2014-15, to finally becoming President between 2015 and 2017, Mr Hopkins’ desire to constantly both increase his knowledge and expand his sphere of influence is admirable. Still relatively young into his legal journey, the road to long-term success for Mr Hopkins has only just begun. More focused than ever on securing success for his clients and helping a new generation of young Texan lawyers do the same, it is no wonder that Mr Hopkins has been named one of the state’s leading banking and finance law attorneys. Company: Drucker Hopkins PLLC Contact: Kirby D. Hopkins Website: “Mr Hopkins’ desire to constantly both increase his knowledge and expand his sphere of influence is admirable.” Photograph by Geoffrey Winningham