Issue 11 2023 • Issue 11 2023 Inside the Kettani Law Firm: Morocco’s Leading Civil Law Arbitrator of the Year

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Contents 4 News - High inflation and lack of Government support responsible for “insolvency tsunami” - UK entrepreneurs less confident about growth than US counterparts, GoDaddy reveals 6 Australian Immigration Made Simple 7 LiDRS: Developing Organizations, Teams, Managers, and Leaders 8 A Leading Force in the Insurance Industry: Paul Wordley 9 Yellow Brick Road: Paving the Way to Children’s Future 10 Egan Nelson LLP: Leading Oil & Gas Transactions Lawyer of the Year - Texas 11 Inside the Kettani Law Firm: Morocco’s Leading Civil Law Arbitrator of the Year 12 Protecting Money in the Digital Age 15 Transformative Change in China’s Legal Landscape 17 PwC: Helen Fazzino, Partner, Global Tax - Transfer Pricing Leading Transfer Pricing Advisor of the Year - Australia 9 6 11

NEWS High inflation and lack of Government support responsible for “insolvency tsunami” The latest insolvency statistics for England and Wales have revealed a 10% increase in business dissolutions from the same quarter last year, reaching their highest numbers since Q2 2022 – the calendar year that saw the sharpest fall in GDP since official records began in 1949. Brendan Clarkson, Business Advisory Director, at restructuring and insolvency firm, PKF GM, says that insufficient help from the Government and continued inflation have had devastating impacts on businesses’ bottom lines. He says that business owners who think they may be struggling should reach out for support as soon as possible. “The evidential tsunami of insolvencies is now becoming a reality,” says Brendan, “and there is no doubt that continued high inflation coupled with a lack of support from the Government since its own bailout post-Covid has led us to where we are. “The unfortunate fact is that businesses are being hit from a variety of angles – and all these blows have an effect on bottom lines. Firms are operating in a climate where consumers are reducing their spending on nonessential items, while at the same time, the costs of operating a business remain high. Inflation has been a problem for some time, and while this is expected to ease, it is still sitting higher than many have predicted. “Our message to company directors is straightforward: if you are at all worried about your business, seek advice. “It is a difficult conversation to have, let alone to start, but the earlier you begin dealing with any issues, the more options you will have available and more time to make decisions while concerns are new, rather than when they have spiralled.”

NEWS UK entrepreneurs less confident about growth than US counterparts, GoDaddy reveals UK microbusiness owners are significantly less optimistic about their national economy and individual growth prospects than US counterparts, according to a new GoDaddy study of digital/online microbusiness owners. The findings, published today, come from Venture Forward, an international research initiative by GoDaddy that analyses data from more than 20 million British and American microbusinesses - those with an active website and most often fewer than 10 employees. It reveals that there is 50% higher confidence in the US than in the UK with 60% of US microbusiness owners stating they have confidence in the economy, compared to just 42% of Brits who have faith in the British economy. Furthermore, 72% of American entrepreneurs are positive about their business prospects, compared to 55% of Brits. Despite this, GoDaddy’s figures show that British economic confidence has improved since the start of the year. The last round of Venture Forward research, conducted in January 2023, showed just 18% of British SME owners held positive views about the economy. Whilst microbusiness owners’ perceptions of economic confidence in the UK and US differ, GoDaddy’s data suggests that earning power is similar on both sides of the Atlantic: • Just 42% (about 4 out of 10) of British entrepreneurs have confidence in the UK economy, new figures reveal. In contrast, (about 6 out of 10) almost two thirds (60%) of US small business owners are confident in the US economy. • Simultaneously, 72% of US entrepreneurs are positive about their growth prospects, vs 55% of Brits. • The data comes from Venture Forward, a study of more than 20 million US and British online. Britain’s small business owners are notably younger than their US contemporaries. More than half (51%) of British entrepreneurs are Millennial or Gen Z (18-42), compared to just over a third of Americans (36%). While each country has a similar number of Gen X business owners (18-26), the US has significantly more entrepreneurs aged between 57 and 75 (22% vs 12% in the UK). This follows previous research by GoDaddy which revealed that Gen Z in the UK are increasingly forgoing traditional first jobs in retail and hospitality in favour of setting up side hustles as a way of generating extra income. GoDaddy’s Venture Forward data has also revealed gender differences with more female-owned (51%) small businesses in the US than maleowned (47%). Across Britain, 56% of microbusiness entrepreneurs are male compared, with women making up 42% of microbusiness owners. Laura Messerschmitt, President of GoDaddy International said: “This is one of the first times we’ve been able to compare and contrast British and American microbusinesses at this scale, and the results are fascinating. In both the United Kingdom and United States the barriers to entry remain relatively low with the majority starting up with costs under £5,000 and $5,000 - 73% in the UK and 67% in the US. “Despite economic headwinds, GoDaddy’s Venture Forward research suggests that US and UK microbusinesses communities are in good health, with the majority positive about their growth potential. That said, entrepreneurs in the US are clearly more bullish about the economy. In the UK, the cost-of-living crisis continues to pose a major concern for small business owners. “GoDaddy is committed to helping everyday entrepreneurs thrive, and we use the results of the Venture Forward study on both sides of the Atlantic to help shine a light on the challenges facing microbusiness owners and what more can be done to support them.” Proportion of total business owners surveyed (UK) Average annual business revenue Proportion of total business owners surveyed (US) Average annual business revenue UK US 51% £0.00- £25,000 49% $0.00- $30,000 16% £25,001- £50,000 18% $30,001- $60,000 16% £50,001- £100,000 17% $60,001- $180,000 13% £100,001- £500,000 9% $180,001- $600,000 4% £500,00+ 7% $600,000 sdx15 -

6 | Acquisition International, Issue 11 2023 Australian Immigration Made Simple Based in South Australia, PAX Migration Australia is a migration agency for the people. Initially started to fill the region’s need for high quality, reliable immigration advice, PAX Migration Australia is now praised for providing award-winning services that truly make a difference. Its pride for its work and its comprehensive services coalesce in a collective that truly understands what the industry has been calling out for, and has stepped up to become a guiding beacon in such a tricky landscape. Join us as we venture into how this commitment has earned PAX Migration Australia the title of Leading Expert Immigration Adviser of the Year - South Australia. Contact: Constantine Paxinos Company: PAX Migration Australia Web Address: Since its inception, PAX Migration Australia has assisted customers within the thousands in permanently migrating to Australia. Its services, ranging from visa applications and appeals, to assisting local employers to attract and retain the skilled migrant labour that they require, encompass a brimming interest for the field – a nature that derives from its proud, South Australian heritage. As individuals originating from South Australia, PAX Migration Australia’s team is not only well versed in immigration law, processes, and procedures, but goes above and beyond to translate these topics into understandable formats for its clients. After all, PAX Migration Australia loves its state, and holds an immense love for encouraging more clients to migrate as seamlessly as possible. Equipped with a deep understanding of the state sponsorship requirements of the South Australian state government, as well as the special visas that South Australian businesses and migrants can access, PAX Migration Australia has established itself as the go-to for any migration queries. This dedication to streamlining the migration process for clients, combined with its trustworthiness and technological prowess, truly defines PAX Migration Australia as an invaluable migration adviser whose services simply can’t be overlooked. It possesses a steadfast focus on adhering to its core values of reliability and innovation, allowing it to stand apart from its competitors as the most comprehensive adviser that South Australia has access to. But just how does PAX Migration Australia deliver its award-winning services to its clients? And how does it effectively differentiate itself from its competitors? At its heart, PAX Migration Australia is set on making the visa application as easy and hassle-free as possible for its clients. In its pursuit of doing so, it has committed the time and resources towards appointing a dedicated migration agent to each client – one that is able to efficiently keep individuals updated throughout the entire process, whilst being on-hand to answer any potential questions. From the consultation to reaching the desired outcome, PAX Migration Australia’s team serves as the backbone of its operations, determined to provide the best results as quickly and thoughtfully as possible. It’s thanks to this incredible drive that it has become the region’s leading migration adviser of 2023. Through continuous development, frequent updates, and bringing together the best professionals that South Australia’s migration industry has to offer, PAX Migration Australia has managed to retain a consistent performance level that’s nothing short of exemplary. Its services have been praised time and time again, and it’s all thanks to the tireless work that both its team and its management have put in to reach the position that it finds itself in today. Truly, PAX Migration Australia understands the profession better than any of its competitors, allowing it to consistently serve clients, whilst remaining up to date with the legal and political frameworks in immigration. No matter the scope of a client’s needs, PAX Migration Australia is there to ensure that the migration process is as straightforward as it possibly can be. We’re very excited to present PAX Migration Australia with the title of Leading Expert Immigration Adviser of the Year - South Australia. Its prowess is simply second to none, and partner this with a team-wide investment in each and every case, and you’ve got a collective of migration experts who genuinely wish to make the lives of its clients that little bit easier. Its integrity, transparency, and steadfast ethics have forged PAX Migration Australia into the business that it is today, and we can’t wait to see how it leverages its award-winning status to help an abundance of clients in the coming years.

Issue 11 2023, Acquisition International | 7 LiDRS: Developing Organizations, Teams, Managers, and Leaders s a highly regarded leadership training and consultancy firm, LiDRS is proud to offer tailormade solutions that are customized to meet the needs and requirements of its clients. The flagship product of the LiDRS Academy is the ‘LiDRS Practitioner Program’, which is a six-day leadership training course. On top of this, the academy offers a three-day course titled ‘LiDRS Master Program’, a ‘train the trainer’ course. All of LiDRS’ offerings have been designed in line with the unique LiDRS model, which was developed based on thorough research related to the distinctive skills and traits that many leaders possess. The company zeroed in on the six essential skills of an inspiring leader, referred to as the “Key Leadership Features” (KLF), which include guiding, observed, diplomatic, mental, social, and action features. Since its establishment, LiDRS has worked to keep up with the changing environment, for example by adding social emotional intelligence skills to its list of KLFs. As well as this, it has utilized its philosophy to create an innovative, fun, and easy-to-use SaaS solution called the LiDRS Online Portal. Useful to managers, directors, and HR officers alike, the portal allows users to measure how others perceive their methods of leadership, identify development areas, and measure their progress as a leader. In its consultancy and interim management solutions, LiDRS uses its portal and philosophy as a reference in order to grow organizations, teams, create leaders, and drive performance. Over the years, LiDRS has provided assistance to several companies that needed help to improve their operational performance. This has involved working with a number of semiconductor companies that could not meet their growth potential, businesses with failing ERP implementations, and leaders who had found themselves unable to make the next step. LiDRS has successfully brought its expertise to these companies, providing practical leadership solutions that have enabled them to obtain their desired results. In its work on these projects, LiDRS has found its unique model to be astoundingly successful and has driven results for countless businesses with its use. This is why LiDRS has been chosen by a number of renowned companies to serve as their provider of leadership training, consultancy, and coaching. Alongside its unique model of leadership consultancy, LiDRS stands out from others in the field because of its exceptional team of trainers, coaches, and consultants who have real-time, infield leadership experience working at senior levels. The company prides itself on the fact that it trains all of its employees itself, using its own renowned courses and effective model. LiDRS is headed by a strong, driven team of leaders who are equipped with an excellent network of industry connections and extensive professional experience in managerial roles. Over the last 10 years, they have become well-known in many industries, primarily the semiconductor, process, maritime, and aviation sectors, as well as healthcare and defence. The LiDRS leadership team have worked hard to remain relevant in their field, writing extensively about leadership, team development, and improving operational performance as interim directors. For example, the company’s most recent book, which dives into the topic of increasing psychological ownership, was nominated to receive the title of Management Book of the Year in the Netherlands. As a result of its excellent leadership training courses and solutions, LiDRS has been awarded Best Leadership Training & Consultancy Firm, Netherlands, in the Global Excellence Awards 2023. In the future, the company plans to continue to improve its online portal and add more selfdeveloped training courses like “Leadership During Change” and “Effective Team Leaders” to its offerings. As well as this, LiDRS is in the process of rebranding, as part of which it plans to launch a new website. It hopes that this will enable it to reach a broader audience with its training courses. Contact: Michiel Hijmans Company: LiDRS Web Address: Based in the Netherlands, LiDRS is a modern consultancy firm focused on leadership training, coaching, and interim management. Leveraging intensive coaching modules, the company creates better business leaders and improves companies’ operational performance. For its consistent success, LiDRS has been named Best Leadership Training & Consultancy Firm in the Global Excellence Awards 2023. A

Aug22499 8 | Acquisition International, Issue 11 2023 Sep23046 A Leading Force in the Insurance Industry: Paul Wordley ith a combination of unparalleled sector knowledge and transatlantic capability, Wordley Partnership is a commercial law firm with expertise in all areas of dispute resolution and insurance and reinsurance coverage. Its team of qualified partners has advised on some of the largest disputes across the globe. With a proven track record of success, its partners are often instructed to advise boards and directors on legal liability, asset recovery, and devise strategies to resolve disputes. Wordley Partnership’s practice areas include commercial and corporate, commercial real estate, dispute resolution, insolvency, insurance and reinsurance, international arbitration, and regulatory. Its partner-led service is dedicated to delivering expertise and quality to clients across a wide range of industry sectors. Wordley Partnership acts on behalf of directors and advisory boards as well as policyholders, insurers, brokers, intermediaries, and reinsurers. The firm fosters strong business relationships with clients in order to provide a personalised service tailored to suit their individual requirements. Wordley Partnership prides itself on offering firstclass services while maintaining its bespoke approach. Paul Wordley is one of the company’s founding partners. He has previously held positions as the Global Head of Insurance and Reinsurance for a major international law firm and a member of the Management and Strategy Boards respectively. A renowned expert in the areas of advisory, complex claims, dispute resolution, and insurance coverage issues, Mr. Wordley acts for policyholders, insurers, brokers, intermediaries, and reinsurers. Paul Wordley has also advised on several high-profile supply chain failures and resulting insurance claims. He specialises in the industry sectors of aviation, energy, financial risks, industrial risks, commodities, technology, and natural resources. Over the last four decades, Mr. Wordley has advised many international clients on risk transfer, risk management, and complex claims. He is well-known for representing clients in several successful multi-million-dollar mediations. This has most recently included Covid BI claims, trade credit claims arising out of the GFC, and claims arising out of the invasion of Ukraine. Mr. Wordley is a recognised international arbitration specialist and is recommended by expert legal directories for his exceptional service and leadership in the insurance sector. Paul Wordley was a member of the Law Society Indemnity Task Force, which oversaw the ending of the Solicitors Indemnity Fund and introduced a harmonised commercial insurance regime. Wordley Partnership was created by Mr. Wordley and his experienced partners to provide a streamlined end-to-end experience. Its dedicated team of qualified partners and consultants utilises their collective experience to provide an informed, personal service. Looking to the future, Wordley Partnership aims to expand its global presence and has exciting plans to replicate its operations in new markets and locations. By investing in his highly skilled team and loyal clientele, Paul Wordley has ensured that the firm continues to achieve success and grow in its competitive industry. To honour his years of dedicated professional work, Paul Wordley has received the award for Leading International Insurance Law Expert of the Year (England). Contact: Paul Wordley’ Company: Wordley Partnership Web Address: Wordley Partnership is a solutions-led law practice specialising in commercial litigation and dispute resolution in the insurance and reinsurance markets. Its partners, consultants, and legal services have many years of experience working across complex legal disputes. Wordley Partnership is dedicated to working smarter and faster to offer its focused solutions to companies across multiple jurisdictions. Paul Wordley, one of the founding partners, is consistently recognised as a thought leader in the insurance sector and has received our award for Leading International Insurance Law Expert of the Year (England). W

Issue 11 2023, Acquisition International | 9 connecting with Yellow Brick Road’s directors, the leaders of each branch work to tailor their training, support, and development to suit individual members of staff, benefitting all parties. As a result of its excellent programs, Yellow Brick Road has been named Most Outstanding Education Programs Provider, Minnesota, in the Global Excellence Awards 2023. On the company’s success, Yellow Brick Road comments, “We appreciate this award and the recognition it brings to our amazing teachers for all of the work they do to put good humans into the world!” Contact: Jessica Johnsen Company: Yellow Brick Road Early Childhood Development Center Web Address: Yellow Brick Road: Paving the Way to Children’s Future Yellow Brick Road offers a variety of educational programs for young children, helping them to learn, grow, and develop from the age of six weeks to five years old. The company understands that the early years of a child’s life are an important stage of development. Each program is catered to suit a specific age group; for example, the infant program is focused on sensory and motor skills, whilst the pre-k program helps children prepare to embark on their academic journey. When their child attends one of Yellow Brick Road’s programs, parents can rest assured that their child will be provided with the best standard of care possible. The preschool works hard to create a warm, stimulating, and comforting environment that encourages them to explore their surroundings, learn about the world, and develop a love for learning through outdoor classrooms and child-led academics. Yellow Brick Road believes that every child is unique and that they should be allowed to grow at their own pace. The preschool is equipped with a team of teachers who share this belief and are committed to spending time nurturing their individual strengths whilst encouraging them to reach new heights. Their teaching methods are guided by the standards set by the National Association for the Education of Young Children, knowledge of child development, theories of child behaviour, and acceptable best practices for educating young children. Several factors are crucial in Yellow Brick Road’s delivery of high-quality education. First, the program operates based on a deep understanding of children’s active discovery and the role of education in facilitating their cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development. Secondly, it builds relationships with the children and their families by engaging in meaningful interactions with them. Thirdly, the school encourages children to make decisions and strives to help them understand how their decisions affect others. Moreover, Yellow Brick Road offers a customised curriculum based on the preferences of the children in the classroom. To do this, the teacher identifies the group’s shared interests, encourages them to want to learn more, and finally guides them to satisfy their curiosities. Yellow Brick Road, comments, “We feel that our teaching method is innovative and unique to early childhood education because it is carried out by our one-of-a-kind teaching staff! There truly are no ‘trade secrets’ it is all about execution. Our team is well equipped to execute our unique curriculum and extremely passionate about what they do each day.” Alongside its educational offerings, parents can choose to enrol their child in one of Yellow Brick Road’s varied enrichment programs. This allows them to participate in a range of beneficial extracurricular activities, from dance to tennis to music, without taking away from parents’ quality time with them in the evenings and at the weekends. Yellow Brick Road’s mission of putting good humans into the world refers to every person it encounters, including teachers, leaders, parents, community members, and students alike. The company’s leadership team is truly second to none, embodying its mission as well as its core values of fun, positivity, nurturing, communication, collaboration, and innovation. By Located in Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska, Yellow Brick Road is an early childhood education development centre focused on providing children with a safe place in which they can learn, explore, and grow. For its exceptional educational childcare programs, the program has been named Most Outstanding Education Programs Provider, Minnesota, in the Global Excellence Awards 2023. Yellow Brick Road Early Childhood Development Center

10 | Acquisition International, Issue 11 2023 Leading Oil & Gas Transactions Lawyer of the Year - Texas Douglas Atnipp works as a partner for Egan Nelson LLP, a lean, top-tier law firm, at its Houston, Texas branch. Doug practices across a wide range of industries, but his particular area of expertise is the energy industry. Having practised in this industry since 1985, Doug’s decades of experience enable him to successfully identify issues, propose solutions that are the most cost-effective to clients, and manage projects that are both small and large in nature. With past experience managing clients ranging from Fortune 500 organisations through to small and independent oil and gas firms, Doug’s wealth of knowledge makes him one of the best energy lawyers across America. Contact: Douglas Atnipp Company: Egan Nelson LLP Web Address: In 1982, when a young Doug Atnipp graduated from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee with a bachelor’s degree in economics, he was likely unaware of the insurmountable success he would achieve, celebrated as one of the top lawyers in his field and indeed the wider United States. Upon the completion of his Juris Doctor (JD) degree three years later in 1985, graduating from Texas Tech University of Law, Doug would become a pioneer in the industry, showing no signs of slowing down nearly forty years on. Doug has always had a keen interest in the energy industry, and it is this sector which would become his speciality and key area of expertise. Today, Doug confidently represents clients in an array of upstream, midstream, and downstream transactions, inclusive of large-scale energy transactions that involve acquisitions, divestitures, and joint ventures which pertain to assets relating to energy. His skills do not end here however, as he possesses and advises clients in other industries, on matters such as general corporate and financial transactions. Furthermore, Doug possesses extensive experience dealing with transactions involving mezzanine and conventional production-based financing, the producing of property acquisitions and divestitures, production payment financing vehicles, midstream development, acquisition and financing, gas storage project development, as well as unique asset and facility utilisation agreements. With an array of experience across all of these sectors, Doug has established himself as a multitalented lawyer capable of tackling any task. With his expansive portfolio of clients ranging from some of the world’s biggest companies through to independent gas and oil chains, Doug has handled transactions ranging from tens of thousands of dollars to hundreds of millions of dollars, especially in the many years he spent working at several of the top ‘big’ law firms. Before joining Egan Nelson LLC in the role of partner, Doug served as managing partner for the Houston office at international law firms Winston & Strawn, LLP as well as Greenberg Traurig, LLP. This in addition to serving as the leader of the latter’s international energy practice. Over the course of his storied career, Doug has received a plethora of awards and recognitions. One such tremendous accomplishment is him being featured in the 2003-2021 editions of The Best Lawyers in America, where he was recognised as “Lawyer of the Year for Oil and Gas Law”. Moreover, Doug has been consistently praised by Texas Super Lawyers magazine every year since 2003, listed in Chambers Global for Energy: Oil and Gas (Transactional) 2011-17, as well as in The Legal 500 U.S. for Energy – Regulatory and Transactions, 2015-16, to name just a few. Outside of his award-winning work, Doug lives in Houston with his wife, Roni, and together they have four children and four grandchildren. Doug enjoys spending his free time with family, as well as working on his ranch, which is located in Central Texas. Furthermore, Doug takes great pride in his many charitable endeavours, such as his roles serving on the boards of both the Texas Tech Law School Foundation and the Outreach Center of West Houston. Recently, things came full circle for Doug, as he was awarded the Distinguished Alumni Award from the very same Texas Tech University School of Law that he had graduated from back in 1985, with this crowning achievement serving to solidify a fantastic, and still prosperous career, as one of the top lawyers in the energy industry.

Issue 11 2023, Acquisition International | 11 Inside the Kettani Law Firm: Morocco’s Leading Civil Law Arbitrator of the Year he Kettani Law firm (KLF) has recently celebrated its 52nd anniversary. As founder Professor Azzedine Kettani explains, it began before the internet, computers, and mobile phones were even in common usage. Instead, communications were limited to telephone and telex. Having studied and become a lecturer at the Faculty of Law in Rabat, Azzedine felt that his theoretical knowledge, which he kept up to date for the necessity of teaching, could be put to better use transposed to the real world. That is when he began an internship that ultimately led to the creation of the Azzedine Kettani Law Firm. From the start, the KLF embraced use of English within the firm which encouraged the government of the USA, as well as various American multinational companies, to express a confidence in its services. Azzedine Kettani was amongst the very few English-speaking members of the Casablanca Bar, an asset which helped to continuously attract clientele from multinationals of all origins. The firm has certainly developed into something of a family business, with daughters Nadia and Rita joining the ranks in 1992 and 1993 respectively. Their addition further bolstered the firm’s grasp of English as both girls had chosen to complete their education by studying in the USA. The firm has since grown in stature and size, with expansion of premises and an increase in personnel that includes legal experts, secretaries, and accounting staff. This is when the different divisions of the company began to form. Litigation was set up to defend the interests of banks, insurance companies, and others. The consulting department at KLF provided assistance in matters of contracts, investments, and financing. By 2005, the firm had divided into departments that included intellectual property rights, commercial and corporate law, labour law, arbitration, and departmental structures dedicated to certain banks and insurance companies. There are now more than 120 employees at the KLF, all of whom are dedicated to “serving the client in the best way possible”. Following his sisters, Driss Kettani has joined the firm after studying law at the University of Panthéon-Sorbonne Paris. He enrolled at the Casablanca Bar and has been a full lawyer at the KLF since 2012. As such, he is is in charge of finance and organisation. Sister Zineb Kettani took a slightly different route, after obtaining degrees in pharmacy from the University of Lausanne and HEC in the same city. She too found the call of the law irresistible, and abandoned pharmaceuticals to register with the Bar Association of Casablanca, joining the KLF to manage the activity of structures particularly dedicated to debt collection, alongside other attributions. Whilst there are several true Kettani family members working at the KLF, the sense of the firm operating as a family extends beyond the borders of the relatives to include all collaborators working within the company. The entire team is part of the family, and all contribute to the success of the business. It is through this togetherness that the KLF has managed to establish itself as the prestigious and award-winning firm it’s become. At the KLF, mediation and arbitration are recognised as the most effective means of resolving disputes in arbitration. It offers speedy, cost-effective solutions, and preserves confidentiality. The KLF has handled many cases, with Prof. Azzedine Kettani’s role as an arbitrator recognised both nationally and internationally. This has earned him the appointment of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC Paris) International Court Member for six years as well as member of the panel of arbitrators of (ICSID (six years), as a member of the panel of arbitrators of DIAC, SIAC, CIETAC, and other prestigious institutions. It has also led to a number of impressive awards such as the Arbitration Law Firm of the Year in 2019 from Corporate INTL Magazine, and of course the Leading Civil Law Arbitrator of the Year – Morocco, from our AI Leading Advisor Awards programme 2023. We are delighted to recognise the Kettani Law Firm for all the outstanding work it does in arbitration, as well as so much more. We look forward to seeing where it will progress further still in the coming years. Web Address: Contact Name: Asmaa Qachach Founded in 1971, the Kettani Law Firm is the largest independent law firm in Morocco, with 120 employees working within the divisions of Arbitration, Counsel, Litigation, and Dedicated Structures. It has recently been awarded the title of Leading Civil Law Arbitrator of the Year – Morocco, following which we decided to take a closer look at the company. T “ There are now more than 120 employees at KLF, all of whom are dedicated to “serving the client in the best way possible”. ”

12 | Acquisition International, Issue 11 2023 Protecting Money in the Digital Age oney Protects gets curious people invested in the world of finance, aiming to develop an ecosystem that creates true value for clients, thus giving the firm a clear edge over its competitors in the market. The firm is thriving in the marketplace under the patronage of His Highness Zayed bin Saeed bin Zayed al Nahyan, who acts as a partner for the business and group chairmen. This serves to amplify the presence of the firm in the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) and the Dubai International Financial Centre (DFIC). The company’s two primary areas of speciality are wealth management and providing innovate solutions. In the former, available services are investment, private banking, asset management, and advisory services, all of which are undertaken by a team of experts in their respective fields, who are committed to providing the highest calibre of service and demonstrable results. In the latter, the firm serves to offer a mortgage EMI sleeping period, fixed EMI for life, and double rental/equity release. Once more, these are undertaken to the highest level of excellence, providing clients the highest level of service across the board. Money Protects offers an incredibly simple solution for prospective clients to interact with its plethora of innovate solutions, a process which begins with creating a profile through the online form, which will automatically craft a customer account in the easily accessible portal. Once this is completed, all of the personal and loan information will be updated, and the KYC credit assessment is performed to assure verification is finalised. From there, the enrolment process begins, and after all of the KYC credit checks and assessments have been completed and verified, the customer will have an official account within the system. The final stage is the agreement sign-off, and once this has been signed by the customer and they are happy with their Money Protects agreement, they will officially be enrolled, and available to access all that the firm has to offer. A primary reason for the success of the company is that there exists a considerable amount of untapped space left over by banks and financial institutions, and with current FinTech disruption, a clear way has been paved for new ideas to be planted and flourish across global markets. Money Protects’ target market cuts across people from all different classes and walks of life, on a local and regional basis. Services offered by the firm are a combination of financial, legal, regulatory, and insurance, with these being used in order to calculate risks and minimise them to an inconsequential level. Money Protects also boasts a wealth of experience in all types of regulatory norms and requirements, with insurance partners that help ensure an effective mix that will ultimately contribute to greater sustainability. It is the target of the firm to offer customised digital solutions, in areas such as market risk, credit risk, asset protection, and any other services that are related to financial structure. Money Protects is aware of the need for financial consulting businesses in the modern environment to offer a sophisticated and diverse approach, and the company remedies this need through a wide range of digitally equipped, state-of-the-art financial services that the market is so desperately seeking in its hour of need. All solutions that are available are unique and reliable, and grounded in whatever the market demands. They are based on real, demonstrable solutions that efficiently provide the company’s mandate at a reasonable price. With a team possessing a host of experience in fields inclusive of stockbroker, finance manager, financial consultant, investment banker, financial planner, investment consultant, and investment representative, clients can remain rest assured that the company is well-equipped to cater to all of their needs effectively. By partnering with more than 15 banks and 50 brokers, the financial intermediary service that Money Protects provides operate on a global scale, contributing to a sustainable economy by bridging gaps that are present in both innovation and technology. Through this, the company aims to reduce UAE’s non-performing loans (NPLs) impairments by approximately AED 20 billion in a timespan of three to five years. As well as this, there are plans to increase consumer reaches in complex financial technology products, serving to offer a higher level of financial stability and equitable growth through the company’s highly simplified services. Money Protects is an innovative financial and technology company based in Dubai, focused on providing clients with services relating to managing wealth and ensuring stable finances that will keep them debt free for a sustainable future. The company masterfully combines FinTech innovation with its commitment to sustainability, instilling a long-term confidence within the financial services ecosystem as it continues to evolve. Money Protects is pioneering an industry-wide shift in open-banking and financial technology with its three-pronged composite innovation pack, offering financial freedom, increased sustainability, and reduced financial distress through a combination of freedom, wealth and innovative solutions. M Sep23212

Protecting Money in the Digital Age The company is entering the industry with a business concept that enables the team to work with people and companies in high places across the country, while at the same time, having the ability cater to smaller businesses and people with a not so high status just as effectively. As a result of this asset building edge, the firm can protect capital and consistent earning, reaching a level of risk bearing threshold with a growth rate of return set at between 12 and 15% and an internal rate of return of 15% deducting inflation. This is achieved through up to a 75% loan-to-value ratio, which can domestically reach 300-400% when invested through European banks as a maximiser. Once a sustainable approach is forged, clients can go for aggressive products, and although is a long and continuous process, it is groundbreaking in terms of the level of wealth it creates and the sustainable economy which will be built in the long run. Clients can remain confident as the holistic approach adopted by the company to problem elimination is conceptual, bespoke, and has been proven to be risk averse through real numbers. With a business model based on servicing the needs of the people, no other financial entity has a model offering society this level of sustainability, bridging the gap between consumers and the market. In order to achieve its goals, the company has a series of values that it holds dear in order to shape the decision-making process and manage ethical practices. These values are focus, relevance, engagement, execution, and dedication. It is through these that the company is able to own and manage wealth based solely on the financial needs of its clients. One noteworthy way that this is achieved is through the company’s leadership, with its owners embodying a key blend of seasoned expertise and a forward-thinking approach. The organisation can thus not only confidently navigate the dynamic financial landscape, but pioneer new innovations that are focused and effective. There is also a keen interest in transforming all of the possible complex financial services into four-tap digital solutions, which will improve the reach of the product delivering them straight to smartphones. Through a unique combination of strategic foresight, ethical practices, a client-centric philosophy, and visionary leadership of the highest calibre, Money Protects is determined to provide solutions that are easy to use, state-of-the-art, and stand the test of time. In this digital age where everything seems so complicated, a company dedicated to quality leadership patterns and a commitment to sustainable innovation serves to solidify them as experts at the forefront of the industry. Contact: Mirza Beg Company: Money Protects Web Address:

Issue 11 2023, Acquisition International | 14 Call Victoria Holland on 020 7299 6922 to find out more about our services From big decisions to little details At RIAA Barker Gillette we give expert legal advice on all business matters. Is your business preparing for a sale or investment? Looking to grow? Or do you simply want to operate more efficiently? Get ahead of the game and ask our specialist corporate and commercial team for legal advice. WE’RE HERE TO HELP

Aug22499 15 | Acquisition International, Issue 11 2023 Sep23020 Transformative Change in China’s Legal Landscape he leading PRC law firm has core competencies across various sectors, including corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, foreign investment, intellectual property rights, antitrust regulations, labour and human resources, and dispute resolution. Hui Ye is also highly experienced in fields spanning industrial manufacturing, new internet technology, energy, environmental protection, and healthcare. The firm has established itself throughout China, with prominent locations in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and others. Through strategic cooperation, Hui Ye has partnered with representative offices in key international destinations, including France, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. For both domestic and international clients, Hui Ye is committed to providing top-quality, creative legal services. The firm currently employs more than a thousand practicing lawyers, professionals, and consultants across a broad range of sectors. Hui Ye is made stronger by the diverse backgrounds of its accomplished team. The business works closely with its team of experts to foster their specialities and enforce its quality standards. The innovative firm and its legal team are renowned for their diligent service in domestic and international business circles. Hui Ye has a first-class certification as a bankruptcy administrator from the Shanghai High Court and is accredited in defining the property rights of state-owned assets and trademark and patent agency services. The firm has been recognised as Outstanding by the Ministry of Justice of the People’s Republic of China for its dedication to resolving social conflicts. Hui Ye’s accolades affirm the firm’s acclaimed status in International Trade, Technology, Media & Telecoms, Compliance, Labor & Employment, and much more. Wu Dong, the Deputy Director of the Hui Ye Law Firm, holds several roles within the business and professional spheres, including membership in the Hui Ye Management Committee, Director of the Cross-Border Investment Professional Committee, and Senior Partner status. He also serves as an arbitrator at arbitration commissions in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Zhuhai, and Dalian. As a council member of the Corporate Law Committee of the All China Lawyers Association and the Vice Chairman of the Company Law Research Committee of the Shanghai Bar Association, Wu Dong participates in crucial research to identify current trends and their impact on the country’s legal sector. He is considered a leading expert of Corporate and M&A in China. With over two decades of legal practice experience, Wu Dong has represented several renowned companies in the areas of investment, acquisitions, joint ventures, and business operations. He is routinely praised for his professional competence and dedication. Specific cases demonstrating his proficiency include advising China Mobile, Bank of China, China UnionPay and China Construction Bank, and China Eastern Airlines on jointly investing 500 million yuan in setting up an joint venture establishing points alliance project in BVI, Hong Kong and Shanghai; advising Bright Food (Group) on selling stocks of Gillette (Shanghai) to P&G at the price of CNY 1.8 billion; advising China Eastern Airlines on acquiring equity of Shanghai International Airport Hotel from a Japanese company; advising China Eastern Airlines on issuing CNY 10.3 billion China corporate bonds, KRW 180 billion Korea bonds, SGD 500 million Singapore bonds, and JPY 50 billion Japan bonds; advising Shanghai White Cat on establishing JV company with Shutchison Whampoa with CNY 1 billion; advising Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd (COMAC) on transferring the equity of Shanghai Aviation Industry (Group) Co. Ltd.; and the project of China Tennis Association, Beijing China Open Tennis Sports Development Center, and Chengdu Sports Industry Investment Group jointly establishing a joint venture cooperation project of Beijing China Open Tour Sports Management Co. Ltd. (China Tennis Tour Project). Wu Dong has also previously managed numerous litigation and arbitration cases, resulting in positive social impact. As an arbitrator, he has presided over and rendered fair judgements on over 40 commercial cases. As a mediator at the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade/China Chamber of International Commerce Shanghai Mediation Center and the Hengqin International Commercial Mediation Center, he takes on an impartial role and facilitates alternative dispute resolution between the parties. Alongside his many projects, Wu Dong has greatly contributed to the academic field. He holds the position of Adjunct Professor at East China University of Political Science and Law (ECUPL) and director of the Education Development Foundation and the Alumni Association of ECUPL. Most recently, Wu Dong became a member of the research group for corporate law and state-owned enterprise reform. His continued work in research, litigation, and non-litigation projects continues to significantly contribute to legislative efforts in China. Within Hui Ye Law Firm and the broader legal sector, Wu Dong is celebrated for his pioneering work as an ADR lawyer and arbitrator. From 2021-2023, he has been ranked in the Chambers Global and Greater China categories for ‘Corporate and M&A’ and made The Legal 500’s list of top lawyers in the Asia-Pacific region for ‘Corporate and M&A’. With his many years of expertise and extensive involvement in the legal community, Wu Dong continues to diligently serve his clients and contribute to China’s ongoing legal transformation. Wu Dong has been honoured with our award for Leading Arbitration & ADR Lawyer of the Year. Contact: Wu Dong Company: Hui Ye Law Firm Web Address: E-mail: Hui Ye Law Firm is a pioneering full-service legal firm providing comprehensive legal services with a focus on commercial law. With integrated domestic offices throughout China, the business has expanded to become one of the country’s largest firms. It is Hui Ye Law Firm’s mission to deliver tailored and innovative legal solutions that meet the diverse demands of its global clientele. Wu Dong, the Deputy Director of the Hui Ye Law Firm, has received our award for Leading Arbitration & ADR Lawyer of the Year for his professionalism and commitment to excellence. T