Issue 11 2022

Acquisition International - Issue 11 2022 13 oo Kwan Lee & Lo – a law firm with a huge depth and breadth of services – has cut its teeth on the impeccable service of commercial clients since day 1. With the four expert minds of its founders leading the way for it, its clients, its peers, and its wider industry in Hong Kong, Woo Kwan Lee & Lo has been able to develop into a household name in its region, having attained over 300 staff since its rebrand. Indeed, it now occupies three offices in Hong Kong and one in Beijing, with plans to expand even further so that it may widen its client base, expending its services to benefit so many more clients, even more than it already does. Working mainly with commercial entities, it also offers its legal services to individuals through its major departments such as conveyancing. Additionally, it handles both corporate and commercial conveyancing, litigation, and a PRC division, with members of its professional W team – some of whom have been practicing for more than 30 years – providing one or more of these with a huge amount of tenacity, determination, and efficiency, getting to know the client and their individual wants and needs with a true care and passion behind it. It uses the time getting to know its clients to implement the strategies that will best serve their needs – especially when it comes to PRC and secretarial services – with clients lauding its communicative staff as second-to-none. Thus, its clients both local and further afield have made it their one-stop-shop, calling its processes and procedures a true reflection of ‘client interest first’ legislative service, giving them access to a broad range of services that are each as comprehensively handled as the next. Indeed, it also has a policy of encouraging partners and staff to participate in the service of Hong Kong as a community, something that has secured it as a cornerstone of its region as well as a leading voice of industry. A talented law firm with a vast array of different talents, Woo Kwan Lee Lo has built itself up to be a comprehensive any to legislative service for its clients. Founded in 1962, Messrs. Charles Lee Yeh Kwong and Stephen Lo Chi Nang founded Charles Lee & Stephen Lo, hitting the ground running as an innovative and forward-thinking firm that soon attracted two other founding minds. With each of these people pooling their experience, resources, connections, and talents to make the firm the best it could be, it soon rebranded to Woo Kwan Lee & Lo, growing from strength to strength since then to become the provider of a full compliment of legal work for commercial clients. Sep22252 Best PRC & Company Secretarial Service Provider - Hong Kong Company: Woo Kwan Lee & Lo Contact: Donis Chan Website: 626 Jo 108,000 Readers in Over 170 Countries Subscribe: