Issue 11 2022

12 Acquisition International - Issue 11 2022 Sep22468 Leading Litigator Secures Success If you’re in trouble, you deserve help of the highest calibre. For the people of Florida, that is clearly John Leon of the Law Offices of John Leon. Named Leading Health Care Litigation Attorney of the Year, Florida in Acquisition International’s Leading Adviser Awards 2022, to uncover some of the secrets of his astounding success. ince entering the legal industry, John Leon has worked on behalf of some of the largest, most prolific state and national law firms. With a level of expertise that is truly second to none, he has had a transformative effect on many clients over the years, representing them to the highest standards. Founded in 2003, the Law Offices of John Leon have allowed him the flexibility he has needed to offer service goes above and beyond every time. As a full-service civil litigation firm, Mr. Leon has found immense success in the areas of corporate law, Crisis Management and personal injury. He and his incredible team have been proud to represent clients throughout Florida, the Continental United States, Caribbean and South America. Several Fortune 500 companies have relied upon his tremendous skill to ensure success in their projects. Mr. Leon’s career began as counsel to names such as Washington DC based Verner, Lipfert, Bernhard, McPherson and Hand. Always ambitious and eager to prove himself, he was one of the most active young trial lawyers in South Florida, trying fifteen jury trials in the first eight months of his career. Such a proactive approach has not tempered over the years, and Mr. Leon’s natural environment remains the courtroom, fighting for the rights of his clients to the best of his considerable ability. Mr. Leon’s success in the Leading Advisor Awards 2022 reflects his ability to represent injured individuals and wrongful death plaintiffs, those who have been hurt through no fault of their own. In this vulnerable situations, it pays to have someone who is passionate about your cause and determined not to let the situation slip away. With an impressive track record of success in this particular sector, it’s little wonder that Mr. Leon remains in such high demand. His incredible skills in the courtroom have also allowed him to explore the realm of crisis management. As one of the top lawyers in the country, he is ideally positioned to assist clients with complex healthcare litigation & transaction corporate matters. For a business, having to respond to these issues is immensely challenging, and having an expert on hand to protect professional and personal reputations is crucial. Mr. Leon has provided successful crises resolution for clients involving several Fortune 100 companies over the years, proving his skill in this area. As a recognised name within the industry, it’s little wonder that Mr. Leon is also in high demand as an Adjunct Professor and Guest Lecturer at local colleges and universities. His unique perspective on subjects including US History, English, Mathematics, Sociology and Political Theory are often well-received. He has also been called S upon as a legal expert when the need to discuss various current events arises. As the world continues to shift, the need for litigators who are on your side becomes ever more crucial. With a track record of success, and as one of the USA’s most prestigious lawyers, we celebrate the success of Mr. Leon, and look forward to the triumphs he is certain to achieve in the future. Company: Law Offices of John Leon Name: John Leon Email: