Issue 10 2023

Issue 10 2023, Acquisition International | 39 Light Up Your Life Ireland’s leading events production company, Just Lite Productions has had a hand in major cultural and musical events for over 20 years. Alongside its sister company, Magic Kite, which specialises in audio, the two companies can add a sparkle to spectacles of any kind, from fashion shows to product launches. Recently bestowed with the title of Best Lighting & Audio Visual Equipment Provider 2023 – Ireland, in the Global Excellence Awards, we were interested to find out more about how Just Lite Productions and Magic Kite operate. Company: Just Lite Productions Web Address: Contact Name: Kelly Lynch Just Lite Productions is the go-to company for large-scale audio-visual events that require a special something to bring them fully to life. A certain joie de vivre, if you will, that sets them apart from the norm. The company is populated by individuals who hold longstanding and profound knowledge of premium industry-standard equipment. This is allied with a professional approach that allows the skilled and trained technical personnel at Just Lite Productions to design and create shows that both astound and impress happy onlookers. The company’s versatile and incredibly adaptive approach allows it to excel in any one of a number of capacities. For example, it can bring its professional skills in sound and light to the world of live theatre, to fashion shows, award ceremonies, product launches, dance events, parties, and lighting for architectural installations. It is the leading provider of lighting to many of Ireland’s major cultural and music events with its impressive array of creative technicians ensuring that all events it handles progress beautifully and seamlessly. Architectural installation lighting is a major trend for outdoor events, and can provide a look that is elegant and imposing, or fun, and celebratory, depending on the needs of the individual customer. Whatever the look desired, Just Lite Productions can create a bespoke solution that is fully considerate of any budget impositions, and sympathetic to its customers own design preferences. The visual services it brings can be used to stunning effect at nightclubs, restaurants, marquees, festivals, and gardens. As the night falls, Just Lite Productions’ gorgeous light effects allow the beauty of nature to be witnessed in a new and exciting way. Just Lite Productions has a shining reputation won through longstanding experience (100 years of pooled knowledge) and keen understanding of client expectations. Based on its in-depth skills and appreciation of customer needs it is able to amplify their visions tenfold. Its team of technicians and creative managers have successfully delivered amazing outdoor gigs for international touring artists, festivals, and stadium concerts for instance, as well as for business conferences and weddings. Securing Just Lite Productions means guaranteed provision of an experience aligned to your personal vision. You can relax, safe in the knowledge that the sophisticated and media-savvy company will take care of supplying the lighting, audio, staging, visual systems, dance floors, lasers, and drapes. With its extensive range of top-quality equipment, combined with its experience and technical mastery, it can facilitate knockout events on all imaginable scales. Its professional audio systems are top of the range, and will be optimally supplied according to your needs. That means that whether it’s a corporate conference or an outdoor festival, the sound will always be of the utmost clarity, with regularly maintained equipment in use that feels box-fresh. Meanwhile, Just Lite Productions’ sister company, Magic Kite is available to support with audio by supplying projection, plasma TVs, and LED screens that deliver a consistent and coherent sound, light, and visual experience. The two companies were recently involved with an incredible production at the 3Arena, Dublin, for the well-known Irish band, Picture This. Some of the stunning lighting effects for the band’s extravagant stage show were achieved using equipment supplied by Just Lite Productions. This included provision of two curved screens and a huge assortment of Spots, Spiiders, Pointes, and SuperSpikies. The combination helped to create a visual experience that was simply out of this world. In addition to the phenomenal amount of fabulous equipment Just Lite Productions provides customers, it also takes care of getting it to where it needs to be with a fleet of ready to roll specialist vehicles. It often provides transportation for events throughout continental Europe, Great Britain and Ireland with its large touring systems, and is happy to deliver all services with flexibility and enthusiasm. What more could you ask? Expertise, equipment, experience, and transport, tick, tick, tick, all covered. Only question now is what event are we going to next? Aug23138