Issue 10 2023

Aug22499 38 | Acquisition International, Issue 10 2023 Aug23177 Blue Skies for Budding Businesses ased in Buckinghamshire, Ice.Blue.Sky is a strategic sales and marketing agency that excels in a multitude of avenues. From Go-ToMarket to ABM and Sales Enablement, Ice.Blue.Sky works alongside clients to help empower, uplift, and secure their success through both direct and indirect sales channels. By partnering with businesses who need strategic and practical support to help them grow, typically ones within the technology and manufacturing sectors, Ice.Blue.Sky seeks to enhance a collaboration forged on mutual respect. Once this has been accomplished, it goes above and beyond to assist with marketing and sales strategies, all to enable people and organisations to thrive. Ice.Blue.Sky clients represent some of the world’s leading IT and software companies, for which they have created strategies and programs that have been rolled out on a global scale. This experience, partnered with its wealth of expertise – courtesy of its team of talented consultants and leaders – places Ice.Blue.Sky in a unique position that allows it to truly understand the complex world that is sales strategies. As such, it’s able to help clients reach their strategic commercial goals as seamlessly as possible, and won’t rest until it’s secured success for them. Of course, a change in sales strategy can be complex to implement successfully, and Ice.Blue.Sky stresses the importance of having a well thought out enablement program to drive adoption of the new sales processes. Whether it is a new or evolved sales stratergy , they tend to demand significant changes in behaviour in order to truly work. In response to this conundrum, Ice.Blue.Sky utilises change management and learning methodologies to encourage lasting behavioural changes throughout both individuals and leadership teams. By helping clients to adapt, it brings them much closer to achieving their commercial goals, whilst also empowering them to be the best versions of themselves. Ice.Blue.Sky demonstrates an incredible understanding of the thought and dedication that goes into creating strategically aligned enablement programs at scale, and utilises its wealth of experience to support its promise of strategic success. It brings in both expertise and practical experience across the revenue enablement sector as a means to impact the sales strategies of its clients. Whilst revenue enablement is a relatively new term, it encompasses every function and role that touches both buyer and customer alike. As such, it allows for enhanced strategies and better experiences for its clients’ customers. At its core, Ice.Blue.Sky is a strategy agency that understands what it takes to reach excellence, and deploys this knowledge to encourage the best out of its clients. Assisting them in developing comprehensive strategies is where it thrives, and it truly takes great pride in aiding businesses in reaching their desired outcomes. It’s for this reason that Ice.Blue.Sky has come to earn the title of Best B2B Sales Strategy Agency 2023 – Buckinghamshire. Its eye for the finer details is second to none – a quality that translates into every action that it takes for the betterment of its clients. – and we’re sure that it’ll only continue to thrive in the coming years. Contact Details Contact: Francesca Beddow Company: Ice.Blue.Sky Web Address: When trying to focus on matching the rapidly evolving pace of almost every industry, most businesses simply don’t have the time to invest into their business strategies. However, Ice. Blue.Sky is a B2B strategist that’s mastered the art of supporting businesses in their pursuit of brilliance. Now heralded as the Best B2B Sales Strategy Agency 2023 – Buckinghamshire, Ice. Blue.Sky has every capability to help a whole manner of businesses flourish in the ways that they deserve. B