Issue 10 2023

Aug22499 36 | Acquisition International, Issue 10 2023 Aug23280 Bridging the Gap Between People, Culture, Business, and the World ewland Chase has a vision to simplify the immigration journey, by connecting people, cultures, businesses, and opening up the world. Its mission is to enable global movement by looking after the ever-changing system visa and immigration needs and requirements. It seeks to empower people and organisations to work, live, travel, and trade together, using its global reach and local expertise to foster customerfocused solutions. Newland Chase is a division of CIBT, the foremost global provider of visa, immigration, and document legalisation services. Newland Chase counts a number of leading immigration experts among its ranks, enabling it to successfully operate as the number one global provider for businesses and consumers. Delivering a comprehensive suite of global strategic immigration services enables it to provide extensive immigration support to both corporations and individuals. Mandy Janzen-Westerburgen is Newland Chase’s regional leader in immigration service delivery, BeNeLux and Nordics. She began at CIBT in 2022 as the Managing Director of CIBT and Newland Chase in the BeNeLux. Mandy has more than a decade of experience in international labour law and labour migration and has recently shifted into the role of a Regional Directorship without losing her link with the clients and the immigration practice. She has been looking at expansion for Newland Chase in her remit to provide immigration services through in-house immigration experts and relying less on vetted network partners. A recent example of this occurred with the opening of the company’s Newland Chase Belgium office in Brussels which shares physical office space with CIBT. Mandy recently won an award as an attorney-at-law specialised in corporate immigration in an acknowledgement of her professional expertise. She is heavily involved in some of the more difficult immigration cases for Newland Chase, including global clients, marketing, and the commercial side of the business. She guides clients through everything involved in bringing non-EU/EEA/Swiss nationals to The Netherlands and works together with her colleagues in multiple jurisdiction cases. Mandy’s guidance and advice varies according to which permits are required, the obligations which need to be met, the HR procedures necessary, strategy discussions, lobbying, etc. She ensures that the entire scope of the immigration requirements are known to clients and can also link them to specialists for labour law consultations (regardless of the fact that she was a labour law attorney-at-law), tax, social security, pension, and payroll related queries. Her clients range from start-ups to multinationals, and everything in between. She always tailors her advice according to the culture of the company and works to stay up-to-date and knowledgeable about current events that may have a bearing on procedures. Mandy’s approach is to see herself as an “extension of the client”, rather than an external service provider, working as a trusted advisor, who engages with matters proactively to help prevent adverse effects on companies and make sure that companies are as compliant as possible whilst understanding that normal business needs to go on. As Newland Chase is part of the CIBT group of companies it is able to draw on over 30 years of experience to help assist with international mobility and manage complex issues seamlessly. CIBT was founded in 1989, with a global headquarters in Washington DC, and operates around the world with a team of nearly 2,000 skilled advisors. This includes immigration and visa professionals, attorneys, and qualified migration consultants. It stands ready to empower clients with expert staff located in more than 60 offices over 27 countries, helping people and organisations to live, work, travel, and trade. As the trusted primary service provider to 75% of the world’s largest companies it can assist with global immigration, mobility, visas, passports, and more. Because Newland Chase is a diverse global team, an imperative is that it embraces inclusivity and authenticity. This is reflected in its value to act as “one team, united in purpose”. It seeks to carefully balance speed, quality, and efficiency, and to always put customers’ interests first. It takes great pride in helping clients to achieve results through a personalised approach that’s rooted in expertise, agility, and the ability to adapt. As curious lifelong learners, who embrace change, the team at Newland Chase care deeply, and always aim to make a difference for the better. Its award-winning immigration specialist Mandy Janzen-Westerburgen is a case in point. Her suitability for the work is particularly notable as she takes sincere interest in the person behind the immigration case. This means she builds bonds for life and therefore is a great fit for the Newland Chase mentality. Company: Newland Chase Web Address: Contact Name: Mandy Janzen-Westerburgen E-mail: Phone: +31 (0) 6-255 452 59 Newland Chase is part of the CIBT group of companies. CIBT is a leading global provider of immigration, visa, and document services for individuals and corporate organisations seeking inbound and outbound routes for visas, residence and/or work permits, and/or documents (translations and legalisations etc.). Newland Chase employs a team of immigration experts globally. One of these recognised experts is Mandy Janzen-Westerburgen. Mandy has been recognised multiple times by Who’s Who Legal as the Future Leader on corporate immigration in The Netherlands, has won the Lexology Client Choice Award, and has now also been recognised as Leading Commercial Litigator of the Year – Netherlands, prompting us to take a closer look at the company. N