Issue 10 2023

Issue 10 2023, Acquisition International | 35 Operscient offers a flagship five-day programme that is uniquely designed to equip participants with an in-depth understanding of the methods and tools used by logistics and transportation managers. The course requires participants to take an applied, problem-solving approach to enhance their understanding of decision-making in key areas such as inventory management, warehouse and distribution centre operations, integrated logistics network design and strategy, transportation management, and contemporary topics like omni-channel retail. Lastly, Operscient offers tailored consultancy services through which it helps clients achieve business model optimisation and operational improvements. The company’s flagship two-day programme consists of a facilitation workshop. Its purpose is to empower decision-making managers to engage in productive discussions about their organisation’s current last-mile capabilities and potential reconfiguration opportunities within their Last-Mile Supply Networks (LMSNs). To this end, participants are guided through a proprietary six-step procedure. Operscient’s unique LMSN Configuration Canvas tool is used to help managers better understand their organisation’s existing last-mile capabilities and explore options for reconfiguration. This approach ensures that clients’ businesses are equipped to remain agile and competitive in the ever-evolving retail and logistics landscape. Overall, thanks to its ability to bridge the gap between academic research and practical application, Operscient delivers solutions that are data-driven and grounded in theory as well as tailored to the client’s needs. For this reason, the company effectively serves as an invaluable partner for businesses looking to become more efficient and achieve growth in an ever-evolving industry. As a result, it is no surprise that Operscient has been named Best AI-Powered Retail / Logistics Data Science Solutions Provider, South East Asia, in the Research and Development Awards 2023. We extend our sincere congratulations to the company for this exciting achievement and wish it the best of luck in the years to come. Contact: Edwin Chew Company: Operscient Pte Ltd Web Address: Best AI-Powered Retail / Logistics Data Science Solutions Provider 2023 - South East Asia In 2020, online spending accounted for approximately 18% of total global retail sales and resulted in more than 21 billion units of domestic parcel deliveries. Fulfilment and last-mile delivery companies are essential for enabling these parcels to reach their final destination at the customer’s home. However, these businesses face significant challenges, with short timeframes and high delivery volumes leaving very little room for error. Many fulfilment and last-mile delivery companies rely wholly on low-skilled, temporary, or crowdsourced labour, which inevitably leads to variability in performance and worker availability. Additionally, last-mile delivery operations can be costly, with rising labour expenses, high rates of failure, and a host of vehicle restrictions and parking levies to consider. The increasing use of eCommerce and the widespread adoption of internet technology have driven significant changes in the planning, design, and execution of the operations necessary to meet consumer demand for goods and services through retailing and on-demand platforms. Operscient was created to help clients navigate and succeed in this complex, ever-evolving landscape by serving as a one-stop platform for retail and logistics solutions. The company’s key focus lies in developing innovative solutions that address pressing issues related to retail operations, including inventory and assortment management, last-mile supply chains, food waste management, as well as sustainability and corporate social responsibility. The platform is centred around three main pillars: technology, education and training, and business consultancy services. Firstly, Operscient delivers innovative technologies such as data-driven models and artificial intelligence (AI) powered solutions, designed to enhance the management of sales and distribution activities for retailers and logistics providers. The company is proud of its ability to translate academic research into practical, deployable solutions. All of its offerings have undergone a rigorous research and development process and are both theoretically grounded and data driven. One of Operscient’s technological provisions is its innovative Retail-AI system, which offers two commonly used modules for business. Firstly, it features a parcel assignment and routing tool with a prediction module for first-attempt delivery failures. Secondly, it offers a workload management tool that empirically determines the optimal workload for drivers before assigning them packages for delivery. On top of this, Operscient can offer customised turnkey solutions that address challenges specific to the client’s company. Moreover, Operscient’s second focus is on education and training. The company utilises its expertise in the management of logistics and supply chain operations in order to provide excellent educational programmes and training workshops, designed for industry practitioners. These customised offerings are tailored to meet the unique needs of professionals and can be adapted for delivery in classroom environments. Based in Singapore, Operscient is a consulting firm that specialises in retail and logistics, machine learning and AI, as well as corporate social responsibility, aiming to improve operations for businesses and organisations through scientific knowledge and proven methods. For its unique combination of expertise and innovation, the firm has been awarded Best AI-Powered Retail / Logistics Data Science Solutions Provider, South East Asia, in the Research and Development Awards 2023. Aug23290