Issue 10 2023

excellence, and community. The company holds itself and its affiliates to the highest ethical standards, aiming to build long-term professional relationships with investors based on honesty and trust. Radar Brokers aims to consistently push boundaries, striving for improvement, and challenging the status quo by using technology to offer exceptional customer service. Radar Brokers cares about the impact it has on the communities that it operates within. This value inspires the company’s financial literacy initiatives. Radar Brokers believes that all potential investors deserve equal access to the financial tools and education necessary to succeed. The business is committed to offering a financially accessible service by lowering the investment threshold. It connects its customers to high-quality products circulating on the international markets, including banks and stock exchanges in the U.S., Hong Kong, Singapore, and other regions. Radar Brokers assists investors in their global asset allocation. Adhering to the standard product principle, all products provided are publicly available in the international securities market with transparent underlying assets. A standard product is a standardised asset, referring to an equity or bond that is traded on the global market or stock exchanges. There is always risk and uncertainty when investing particularly in wartime, during recessions, and most recently in the pandemic. The company wants to help investors identify risks in real estate, stock markets, and the global economy. Radar Brokers remains well-informed to reliably advise its customers and upkeep its values of transparency and safety. Offering a diverse range of trading instruments to meet its client’s varying business needs, Radar Brokers specialises in innovative investment solutions to place traders in control. With its one-stop trading platform and high-tech app, it has never been easier for customers to manage their global portfolio. The brokage holds itself to high ethical standards, protecting investments by employing local regulators who ensure customer assets are held by a custodian. Radar Brokers has been recognised as a reliable, influential fintech company and hopes to continue offering financial solutions that exceed expectations. For its dependable and committed work within the financial industry, Radar Brokers has received our award for Digital Portfolio Management Platform of the Year. Contact Details Contact: Solar Qiao Company: Radar Brokers Web Address: