Issue 10 2023

20 | Acquisition International, Issue 10 2023 stablished in Vanuatu, Radar Brokers has years of experience working in financial technology and is regulated by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC), in addition to being partnered with several other renowned financial institutions. Radar Brokers also has quantitative trading-related businesses which utilise mathematical functions and automated trading models to make trading decisions. High speed backtesting of historical data are applied to various scenarios to identify opportunities for profit. The company continues to develop quantitative trading strategies, using AI to empower investment. Its innovative trading system applies the mainstream AI framework to data in multiple markets such as stocks. Offering several different financial products including stocks, indices, derivatives, funds, and bonds, Radar Brokers aims to be a one-stop investment platform for business’ varying investment needs. Its hightech app allows users to invest in stock, USD currency funds, and network within an interactive investment community. The community feature encourages clients to follow the top players and exchange their experiences. With the ability to quickly open an account and start investing on a low budget, Radar Brokers app is the perfect solution for those trading on the go. Providing T+0 trade (same day stock transactions) allows individuals and businesses to benefit from the ups and downs, flexible investment, and access to dividends of companies on the global market. Customers can invest in large companies for a low-cost and leverage profits to maximise returns. Radar Brokers also provides indices trading, a direct way of trading on a group of stocks. Indices measure the overall performance of stocks included within the index and is often a less risky investment option. Clients can access derivative investments, contracts that derive value from the performance of an underlying entity. Derivatives include futures and options contracts on various assets, group of assets, or benchmark. They allow traders to speculate on future price movements without owning them directly and invest in otherwise hard-to-trade assets and markets. The brokerage offers a wide selection of high-quality investment funds, including mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and hedge funds. The funds are managed by the company’s professional fund managers and pool money from multiple investors. Radar Brokers offers bonds including government bonds, corporate bonds, and municipal bonds. A bond is defined as a fixed-income security that can provide predictable income stream. A bondholder can use them to provide a one-off payment and a regular source of income to help fund their retirement. The company recognises that a reliable broker is needed to keep its partners’ money safe. Radar Brokers is licensed in multiple countries with a broker dealer license in both the U.S. and Vanuatu. The group is controlled by local regulators to keep customer assets in custodian and separate from company money. Safeguarded by several layers of protection, Radar Brokers ensures that private information and trading data is encrypted in compliance to data protection policy. Upholding its core values in every element of its business, Radar Brokers works by the principles of integrity, innovation, inclusiveness, As a leading financial services company, Radar Brokers is a one-stop trading platform that connects global markets and provides innovative investment solutions to enable clients to take control of their financial futures. The business is devoted to helping investors allocate their assets efficiently through the online trading of stocks, funds, fixed incomes, and derivatives. Radar Brokers aims to offer easier global portfolio management for everyone. E Innovative Financial Technology Secures Financial Futures Aug23016