Issue 10 2023

14 | Acquisition International, Issue 10 2023 Healthcare Consultancy Group: Reimagining Medical Communications This latest award complements HCG’s two recent and impressive awards – “Medical Affairs Agency of the Year” at the 2023 Communique Awards and “Medical Communications, Education or Affairs Agency of the Year” at the 2023 Medical Marketing & Media Awards – the two most prestigious awards in the medical communications sector. Medical communications are designed to stimulate awareness and discussion about new medical devices, drugs, and treatments. By nature, medical communications are centred around transformation, driving change through science, data, and technology. Today, their role is undergoing significant transformation as they take the position at the front and centre of the pharmaceutical industry’s strategic mission. Primarily, HCG’s goal is to reimagine medical communications. To this end, it works with pharmaceutical and biotechnology medical affairs, commercial, publications, and regulatory teams, from early development stages to postlaunch. “We like to think of this reimagination as taking medical science on a three-part journey,” comments Matt D’Auria, Global CEO of HCG. “Shape – Engage – Reach.” At HCG, this journey begins with shaping the science. Powered by the expertise of more than 1,000 staff members, HCG works to shape complex data into impactful stories and innovative narratives with messages that resonate. Secondly, HCG strives to foster the engagement of healthcare professionals with scientifically relevant visualisations and meaningful creative emotion and expression. It brings together focused visual stories and credible data to produce content that sparks curiosity and holds attention, with steadfast humancentric and audience-focused narratives. Lastly, HCG reaches its audience through the latest technologies, ensuring that they get the right message at the right time via the channel they prefer. With intelligent design systems, HCG reaches healthcare professionals at all stages of their journey. With more than 100 strong partnerships with clients, HCG is driven by four key pillars: people, vision, collaboration, and innovation. Whilst the medical communications industry is continually evolving, the agency’s values and vision have remained constant since its establishment. It maintains an unwavering focus on the end patient, working to serve as a people-centric organisation with a steadfast vision of bringing clients’ useful medicines closer to the patients who need them. As part of the Omnicom Health Group, HCG brings to its clients the power of a network of diverse, healthcare-focused companies, consisting of more than 4,500 experts across the globe with the unique ability to create distinct local and international activations. The organisation is equipped with an incredible army of more than 350 PhDs, MDs, and PharmDs, who collaborate seamlessly with the HCG Engagement group, a digital and creative powerhouse of over 150 digital and creative experts, to engage healthcare professionals. Powered by a fusion of science, digitalisation, and creativity, the work HCG does is underpinned by a culture of curiosity and innovation, which is spearheaded by 100 catalysts within its Innovation Group. This pioneering group drives the changes needed to meet the ever-evolving needs of the healthcare professional audience. In the last 12 months alone, they have gained 2 new innovations per week for clients and delivered 10 innovation client workshops. Furthermore, with innovation at its core, HCG is driven to adopt the latest technologies and Healthcare Consultancy Group (HCG) is a medical communications agency made up of seven agencies united by one common goal: to bring clients’ medicines closer to the patients who need them by accelerating product understanding and acceptance. For its outstanding work, HCG has been awarded Best Medical Communications Agency, New York, in the Global Excellence Awards 2023. T Aug23563 innovative approaches from across industries to facilitate transformation across medical communications. The organisation sees AI as an essential path to digital transformation, so it strives to pioneer the way by investing in cuttingedge technology and partnerships. While its client partners are adopting AI-powered content automation to aid their efficient creation and dissemination of key data across channels, HCG’s strategy and focus is far greater. The agency is bringing the power of Omnicom to align the integration of AI into businesses in the short, medium, and long term in order to increase efficiencies for its clients, enhance their capabilities, and drive the broader transformation of industry approaches. HCG is enthused by the possibilities presented by the integration of AI and believes that there is boundless potential for clients and patients to benefit from its use. By defining its strategies and investments today, the organisation will be prepared for the rise in prevalence of AI across the industry. Furthermore, HCG is equipped with an AI Task Force, which is dedicated to highlighting the impact of AI within both scientific and medical communications. The team works to leverage opportunities to integrate AI into the agency’s operations and client offerings. This ensures that HCG continues to lead medical communications professionals across the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries with transformational examples of future thinking, innovation, and communication excellence. Alongside AI, HCG is also focused on leveraging the latest technologies in order to reach its audiences. It harnesses the unique power of KOLs and DOLs, which bolster the authority and credibility of the pharmaceutical industry’s scientific data across channels. The organisation actively creates