Issue 10 2023

Issue 10 2023, Acquisition International | 13 his commitment to delivering practical yet legally robust solutions. In his work, he strives to strike a balance between adhering to legal principles and providing clients with actionable strategies that align with their business goals and objectives. Koen understands that each client he serves and each case he takes on is unique. He believes in gaining a thorough and comprehensive overview of the situation by considering all relevant legal aspects, industry-specific nuances, and the specific needs and preferences of the client. With this holistic perspective, he can craft tailored strategies that not only comply with the law but also align with the client’s broader objectives. Furthermore, Koen leverages his extensive experience and depth of knowledge to foresee potential challenges and proactively address them, minimising risks and maximising opportunities for his clients. He maintains a strong belief in clear and open communication, so he strives to keep them informed at every stage of the process by ensuring they have a clear understanding of the options, risks, and potential outcomes. This fosters trust with clients and empowers them to make informed decisions. As a result of his continued excellence over the years, Koen Hoornaert has been awarded Leading Corporate Law Lawyer of the Year, Belgium, in the Leading Adviser Awards 2023. We sincerely congratulate him on this achievement and wish him the best of luck in the years to come. Company: Van Olmen & Wynant Contact: Koen Hoornaert Email: Web Address: Koen Hoornaert: Belgium’s Leading Corporate Law Lawyer Established in 1993, Van Olmen & Wynant is equipped with distinctive expertise in the areas of private equity and venture capital, as well as civil servants law. The firm aims to serve with empathy and trust, combining unrivalled professionalism with a personal and pragmatic approach. Through this, it forms long-term, personal relationships with its clients. As well as this, thanks to its location in Brussels, the firm benefits from a superb network of international contacts and close working relationships with high quality law firms across the globe. Since its inception, Van Olmen & Wynant has maintained a “double niche approach”, with its two main fields of practice being employment law and corporate law. This strategy firstly enables the firm to specialise deeply in its chosen areas of focus to provide clients with highly tailored and expert advice. Secondly, it allows for agility and flexibility, meaning the firm can adapt and craft personalised solutions that suit the unique needs of its clients. It can also remain up to date with developments in each area to provide the best and most relevant solutions. Van Olmen & Wynant primarily offers a comprehensive range of services within the fields of corporate law, private equity, mergers and acquisitions, and commercial litigation. Its team of 16 enthusiastic and highly skilled corporate lawyers work hard to provide top-tier legal solutions to a diverse client base, including entrepreneurial start-ups, family businesses, medium and large corporations, as well as funds, financial institutions, and investment banks. This team of legal experts is led by Founder Luc Wynant alongside Koen Hoornaert, a leading corporate lawyer who currently serves as a Partner at Van Olmen & Wynant. Koen comments, “Every individual within our team possesses a unique set of skills and a profound work ethic. Our team’s collective knowledge and proficiency are invaluable assets. These professionals collaborate seamlessly to deliver comprehensive legal services that transcend individual capabilities. Their ability to work cohesively and synergistically ensures that we provide clients with holistic, multifaceted solutions to complex legal challenges.” In 2011, Koen began his legal career by gaining admission to both the Brussels bar and the New York State bar. Since then, he is proud to have accumulated extensive experience across various aspects of corporate law, with a strong emphasis on Belgian and cross-border mergers and acquisitions, as well as private equity matters. Over the years, Koen has advised a wide spectrum of clients, guiding them through intricate legal matters such as share and asset acquisitions, mergers, divestitures, corporate reorganisations, corporate governance, and general corporate law inquiries. He has also developed a particular focus on assisting family businesses, along with their shareholders and directors, which has added a unique dimension to his legal practice. Today, at Van Olmen & Wynant, Koen continues to assist clients in all aspects of corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, private equity, and venture capital. When representing a case or dealing with an issue, his philosophy is rooted in Based in Brussels, Van Olmen & Wynant is an independent law firm that offers quality services with a personal touch, primarily assisting business clients in employment and corporate law. The firm’s team consists of numerous experienced, multilingual professionals, including Partner Koen Hoornaert, who has been awarded Leading Corporate Law Lawyer of the Year, Belgium, in the Leading Adviser Awards 2023. Aug23617