Issue 1 2023

Winners’ Listings Most Dynamic Law Firm 2023 - USA Foley Hoag LLP Clara Elena Brillembourg Best Transaction Behavioral Intelligence Platform 2023 - India Goals101 Shivam Maheshwari Best Startup Accelerator Specialist Consultancy Firm 2023 - Singapore Meet Ventures N/A Best Corporate Restructuring & Insolvency Lawyer 2023 - ROI Matheson Julie Murphy-O’Connor Best Payroll & Benefits Platform 2023 - Australia Employment Hero Tasman Page Most Innovative Learning Transformation Firm 2023 - Singapore Kydon Group Rukesh Varan “At ZilLearn, we love what we do because we are on a mission. We believe the right deployment of technology unleashes the latent potential of learning to positively impact lives and transform societies. By harnessing technology, we make teaching and learning content scalable, sustainable, and adaptable for every person. A subsidiary of Kydon Group, our vision is to bring knowledge experts and keen learners around the world together, allowing them to build and support a community that inspires.” Consultant Psychiatrist of the Year 2023 - London Dr Lester Sireling, Consultant Psychiatrist Aviva Lester Sireling Best Hotel-Focused SaaS Company - South Asia Simplotel Tarun Goyal IP Law Firm of the Year 2023 Oh-Ebashi LPC & Partners Miriam Rose Ivan Pereira Oh-Ebashi LPC & Partners is a law firm with over 150 lawyers. We provide our clients with the best legal advice, and committed to exceed their expectations to be their ideal legal partner. Most Innovative Life Science Management Platform 2023 - USA Within3 Reel Mahmoud Global Excellence Awards 2023