Issue 1 2023

Winners’ Listings Most Innovative AI-Powered Multimedia Analytics Platform - 2022 Graymatics Inc. Abhijit Shanbhag Best Complex Spreadsheet Management Software Solutions Provider - USA Lumina Decision SystemsMitzu Ganley Analytica lets you build models the way you think. With Analytica you can make better decisions around your complex business problems to generate useful results and insights. This is done by graphically mapping data, calculations, and expert opinions into a logical format, that makes collaborating and sharing with your team and clients more straightforward. Analytica makes it simple to scale and change details within your models, which eliminates errors that are synonymous with spreadsheets. Leading Bitcoin Platform of the Year - Australia Paybtc Ben Howard Best Start-Up Investment Firm 2023 - Singapore Insignia Ventures Partners TanYinglan Best Digital Transformation & Big Data Analytics Company 2023 - Malaysia Abundent Tarun Sukhani Abundent Academy is a Developer founded, led, and focused IR4 upskilling and reskilling academy that emphasizes live trainings and experience-driven problem-solving and critical thinking. Since we are actual practitioners, we can provide the necessary experience and consultation that trainees need rather than the cookie-cutter, certification mill driven approach of other providers. Best End-To-End Supply Chain Management Software Company 2023 - Singapore Gravity Supply Chain Solutions Glenn Lai Gravity Supply Chain is a global enterprise SaaS transforming the way enterprises manage their supply chains, enabling large companies to manage purchase orders cross border directly to manufacturers, as well as the multi-modal logistic service providers in between, with enhanced efficiency, confidence, visibility and control through our order orchestration platform. Best Industrial-Grade WiFi Product Supplier 2023 - Hong Kong Altai Technologies Limited Ken Leung Best Pre-Owned Car Price Search Platform 2023 - USA Carsaver Grant Grigorian Global Excellence Awards 2022 Global Excellence Awards 2023