Issue 1 2023

Acquisition International - Issue 1 2023 19 Headquartered right outside of the Chicago, IL market, Cimcor’s business operations are worldwide and spearheaded by its professional teams who are dedicated to providing customers with quality solutions and service. They are led by a top-notch management team who are industry-recognised experts in IT security, compliance, and operations, and deliver unrivalled leadership and ingenuity to drive the success of the company, its products, and its people. Cimcor is the proud developer of CimTrak, an award-winning, nextlevel software product that helps organisations monitor and protect a wide range of physical, network, and virtual IT assets in realtime. Built around leading-edge file integrity monitoring capabilities, CimTrak gives organisations deep situational awareness including who is making changes, what is being changed, when changes are occurring, and how changes are being made. This, combined with the ability to take instant action upon detection of change, gives organisations assurance that their IT assets are always in a secure and compliant state. This software has been making waves within the cybersecurity industry, with prestigious clients including the likes of NASA, Nikon, U.S. Air Force, Experian, and Zoom. John Keese, Head of Compliance H at Zoom comments, “CimTrak does what it says it does – without a lot of heaviness and problems. Technical support understands the product and understands the implementation. It gives us assurance against things we cannot see or things that are hard to identify, like malware. All forensic post-event investigation and damage is prevented by the use of CimTrak.” However, Cimcor doesn’t only serve large companies, but it can also help small ones. Did you know that 60% of small companies go out of business within six months of falling victim to a data security threat or cyberattack? Data breaches are one of the top concerns of today’s organisations with these breaches costing upwards of $4.35 million. It’s important that businesses can recognise suspicious network activity including abnormal access patterns, database activities, file changes, and other unusual actions – and CimTrak can help. Ultimately, modern cybersecurity threats require innovative solutions and Cimcor has created just that. One million malicious programmes and variants are created every day and more than 450,000 of these are discovered each day, but Cimcor continues to secure thousands of companies from these threats, having so far protected more than 300,000 servers and endpoints, and achieved more than 95% change noise elimination. Founded in 1997, Cimcor is an industry leader in developing innovative security, integrity, and compliance software solutions. It has consistently brought IT integrity innovations to the market, and protects critical IT infrastructure on the front lines of global corporate, government, and military initiatives. In light of the company achieving the award, ‘Best File Integrity Monitoring Solution 2022: CimTrak’ for its flagship product, we take a closer look at how it helps some of the biggest names in the business world to secure their data from emerging data security threats. Sep22252 Say Goodbye to Change Noise Company: Cimcor, Inc. Website: Nov 490