Issue 1 2023

18 Acquisition International - Issue 1 2023 Nov22397 A Technology Company That Wants to Change the Way the World Works Rise-X describes itself, simply, as “a technology company”. Of course, it is far more complex than that beneath the surface, with a dedication to refining its benchmark Rise-X Ecosystem Operating Platform (EOP). Following the company’s success and recognition as Australia’s ‘Best Multi-Party Workflow Enterprise 2023’, we spoke with Co-Founder and CEO Rowan Fenn to find out more about Rise-X. echnology is redrawing the boundaries of modern enterprise as leading companies race to build highly interconnected ecosystems in the pursuit of productivity and sustainable growth in the context of the global climate emergency. Enter the Ecosystem Orchestration Platforms, an emerging category of technology platform that helps to manage and coordinate the interactions and activities of multiple organizations or entities within a larger ecosystem. Rise-X is amongst a handful of companies leading this emerging category of new technologies and helping companies to build highly connected business ecosystems using their award winning multi-party workflow solutions. “Our purpose is to build technology solutions that increase the carrying capacity of the planet by making it easy for companies to build and orchestrate global business ecosystems. Our platform uses smart contracts, distributed ledger, graph technology, AI, and other cool stuff to simplify and automate multi-party workflows across value chains and supply chains to build highly interconnected business ecosystems.” “We believe that business ecosystems are the inevitable way of the future allowing for more productive, more transparent and more traceable flow of goods and services around the planet.” Further, Rise-X also understands that better technology facilitates better communication – and that is one of the most vital elements for the future of business. As they say, the world is getting smaller, with greater connectivity, more seamless communication, being a crucial tool for today’s leading workspaces. The COVID-19 pandemic certainly emphasised the importance of fine-tuned communication, but in truth it only accelerated an already present trend across almost all industries and markets. “We work closely with companies who share our vision for a more connected and more integrated world. Together we design, build and deploy new multi-party workflows on the Rise-X EOP and to grow those flows into new business ecosystems to deliver big gains in productivity, transparency and traceability. We work with companies to build the future of work in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost when compared with traditional large scale transformation projects.” Working predominantly alongside SMEs and larger corporations in carbon-intensive industries, Rise-X is certainly aware of the importance of a robust, future-proof service, as Rowan moves on to discuss. “Our customers have large scale, asset intensive operations T for the extraction, production and transport of commodities in a global market and they have the biggest impact on the long-term health and well-being of our population and our planet. Building the future takes Courage, Leadership and Stewardship, values that remain core to the work we do and to the people we work with. We also believe that Fair is fun, and that conflict arises from inequity and injustice, so Fairness remains a core value to ensure we build ecosystems that work for everyone. Critical to our success as a company are our relationships and critical to our relationships is Trust. At Rise-X we believe that Trust is given and not earned, so we give our trust to our people and to our partners and we expect the same in return.” As is to be expected, Rise-X’s internal culture reflects the nature of modern business, sitting side by side with its client-centric solutions. In this, Rowan emphasises the importance of his team in securing the EOP’s position as the best option available in its market. “Great products don’t build themselves. Great teams build great products. At Rise-X we are building a globally distributed and diversified team of talented people who believe in our purpose, our vision and our values. We look for people that are curious, courageous, resourceful and resilient. We hire from anywhere in the world because we believe that gives us the best chance of finding the best people and building a team that is globally aware and diverse in their thinking and their approach to problems. “Our greatest success so far is our team. Together we have built a global team and a culture that is open, considerate, collaborative, innovative, challenging, rewarding and fun. Together, they have built a globally recognised, award winning product and a successful business. I am most proud of the team we have built, and we look forward to working with the world to build the future of work.” With all of the above in mind, it should be no surprise to say that the future of Rise-X lies in the constant refinement of its solutions, as Rowan concludes in his closing comments. “By end of Q2 2023 we are planning to launch a beta version of our platform, available for signup online. This will make our Rise-X EOP available to anyone looking to build and orchestrate a highly inter-connected global business ecosystem, and to everyone looking to improve productivity, transparency and traceability within their business. Its business transformation in days or weeks instead of months or years, and it’s available from online, on any device, allowing you to build, run and operate everywhere from anywhere.” Company: Rise-X Name: Rowan Fenn, Co-Founder and CEO Email: Web Address: