Influential Businesswoman Awards 2023

Acquisition International - Influential Businesswoman Awards 2023 83 As an online platform and community that looks to empower and unify a plethora of female entrepreneurs, FemFounder offers resources, tools, and information to help women kickstart their businesses. Whether you’re looking for business coaching, mentorship, networking opportunities, or educational resources, Kristin Marquet of FemFounder is at the forefront of ensuring that you have full access to whatever you need to drive your business forward. May23264 olding the position of founder, editor-in-chief, and creative director of FemFounder, Kristin encompasses an immense amount of responsibility when it comes to the company’s overall strategy and direction. Be it business development, branding, or marketing, Kristin’s priority is focused solely on ensuring that FemFounder is able to maintain an unmatched level of quality within its sector. And, thanks to her extensive experience in a multitude of areas, she’s able to apply her expertise in a myriad of unique and personalised ways. H Creative Development Founder of the Year 2023 (USA): Kristin Marquet & Most Empowering Female Entrepreneur Support Platform 2023 - USA With a wide client and reader base of young businesswomen looking to either launch or grow their businesses, FemFounder grants an insight into their respective markets that can equip them with the tools to thrive. The platform encapsulates what it means to provide resources that businesswomen may have found themselves lacking, with a vast array of industry advice at its fingertips. From fashion, fintech, and beauty, to retail and fitness, FemFounder is able to help businesses excel, all whilst committing itself to promoting gender equality. As a result of this overarching core goal, Kristin has devoted herself to understanding the notable shift towards inclusivity and diversity. With more and more opportunities emerging for women, there’s never been more of a need for a platform that’s wholly focused on assisting said women with garnering the success that they deserve. Though the world is indeed changing, being an independent businesswoman can still come with a plethora of challenges, but FemFounder is geared towards lessening the impact of these challenges. Kristin’s outlook on the world of women in business is nothing short of inspiring. She believes that there is always an opportunity for change to be made, and that inclusivity isn’t just essential, but should be adopted in all of its forms. Her compassion and love for helping women realise their worth is something that really sets her apart, and it plays a large role in FemFounder’s multitude of accomplishments. One such achievement that Kristin is particularly proud of is the progression that FemFounder has made since its inception. She’s invested untold amounts of hard work and devotion into transforming FemFounder from a platform to a successful digital magazine and resource for female entrepreneurs, giving them a light to follow when challenges arise. Its advice and success-driven nature is what keeps women coming back to FemFounder, and it’s all made possible through Kristin’s intrinsic understanding of how to help businesswomen flourish. FemFounder is a woman-led company that has not once faltered in providing quality service and advice for a whole manner of women from a multitude of industries. It’s made changes that are bound to last a lifetime, and with such a capable woman at the helm of this uplifting company, we’re sure that Kristin is going to continue to elevate FemFounder to new heights in the near future. Contact: Kristin Marquet Company: FemFounder LLC Web Address: FemFounder LLC