Influential Businesswoman Awards 2023

Acquisition International - Influential Businesswoman Awards 2023 51 With more than 90 years of experience in accounts receivable management and call center solutions, it’s little surprise that so many turn to CBE Companies, Inc. when they need help in this area. Under the leadership of Erica Parks, the team has championed a data-driven approach that has ensured the firm’s position at the cutting edge. We take a closer look to find out more. Apr23383 hen CBE Companies was founded in 1933, the modern world of call centers was barely a pipedream. Since then, the team has earned a capacity and reputation for adaptability that has set them up for continuous success. The team’s investment in employees, solutions and organisation has meant it is certain to thrive for many years to come. Leading this change is Erica Parks, who has been with the organization for the last ten years. Having a background in manufacturing at John Deere, as well as public accounting as a CPA with RSM as an auditor, she was uniquely qualified to guide the team at CBE through the rapidly changing world of the 21st Century. She joined CBE on the finance team as a Controller, rising through the ranks to the role of Chief Financial Officer, President, and was named President and CEO in 2022. The desire to learn and grow that clearly defines CBE also defines how Erica lives her life. “I have always had a desire to learn, however, I am still working on how to sit still,” she says with a smile. “With “Achiever, Responsibility, and Learner” as my top strengths, I have always been driven to strive for more. My desire to lead and foster the growth of our organization to new heights has been fuelled by these strengths, and has motivated me to continually learn and develop my skills.” Since beginning her career, Erica has seen many other women enter into positions of leadership, but readily recognises the challenges that they still face. “Business leaders are increasingly recognizing the value of diversity in leadership, and they are making changes to their structures to support it,” she tells us. “The traditional model of work is no longer sustainable, as it does not take into account all of the demands of life outside of work as there is often little separation the two.” Erica is proudly the first female President and CEO of CBE, and has since expanded the executive management team to be a diverse set of experienced leaders that includes two additional women. This would not have been possible without the guidance of the firm’s chairman and owner, who has provided immense support to Erica throughout her career at CBE. The strength of Erica’s appointment to her current role can be seen in the way that the business has pivoted from a significant business downturn to 50% top line revenue growth over five years and improving our EBITDA margins from a negative to now more than 10% during that growth period. It’s an astonishing achievement, and one that is a credit to her leadership of the firm. Looking ahead, the future is exciting indeed for the CBE team. “We are currently executing a five-year strategic plan that is focused on W Call Center Outsourcing CEO of the Year 2023 (Iowa): Erica Parks growth, people, and processes,” she tells us. “In 2022, I augmented our executive management team by hiring a dedicated Chief People Officer and a Chief of Sales. As we look ahead to 2023, I anticipate that it will be a challenging year due to the changing economy and shifting consumer sentiments. As an extension of our clients, it is imperative that our employees provide exceptional service to both our clients and their customers in every interaction.” In CBE, Erica Parks has found a solid foundation for growth. This is a business that thrives on change and renewal. We cannot wait to see what she does next! Company: CBE Companies, Inc. Name: Erica Parks Email: Web Address: