Influential Businesswoman Awards 2023

Acquisition International - Influential Businesswoman Awards 2023 31 For 40 years, Leadership Circle has worked with leaders around the world, helping them to transform their leadership in order to achieve better business results. Its data driven approach integrates the best theory and research on leadership development. Here, we learn more about Suzanne Kietselaer, Leadership Circle’s global solutions lead enterprise coaching, as she is recognized in the Influential Businesswoman Awards 2023. May23362 hen individuals or organizations turn to Leadership Circle, they are met by a team of dedicated executive coaches, consultants, and development experts committed to helping every leader become extraordinary. Leadership Circle works with senior leaders and executive teams around the world to help them thrive and build their capacity to lead effectively amid volatile, ever-changing conditions. It is in just these conditions of change, disruption, and uncertainty where Suzanne Kietselaer’s expertise lies. As global solutions lead, she drives Leadership Circle’s enterprise-level and large-scale leadership coaching efforts. Using her extensive experience in adult development, top executive coaching, and business growth, Suzanne enables breakthrough insights for executives and their teams, maximizing their progress toward a shared vision and purpose so that, ultimately, they produce better business results. “By expanding our capacity, we learn to stay both composed and flexible in the way we lead under pressure,” she says. “That way, leading through disruption in an innovative way is possible, at less of an energetic cost.” Suzanne began her career in leadership development in 2001, by helping psychology students connect with professionals at the Dutch National Association for Psychologists. She then continued to build education and development programs throughout the Netherlands and Europe, honing her skills as a manager and trainer and focusing on assessments and skill- building. Meanwhile, she took a decade to really deepen her leadership coaching expertise and experience. She then went on to focus on scaling one-on-one leadership coaching. Suzanne then fulfilled several leadership roles. She led the coaching department at Schouten Global, where she helped grow the organization from $600,000 to $5 million in three years. In 2017, she joined Leadership Circle as global vice president of coaching, and was appointed to global president of coaching services in January 2022. She was named to her current position of global solutions lead for enterprise coaching in July of 2023. Through these roles, Suzanne has built deep experience in top executive coaching, leading (teams of) coaches, and establishing large-scale coaching initiatives. W Suzanne Kietselaer named Most Influential Adult Development Expert & Top Executive Coach for 2023 The first to admit that she’s “always building things,” Suzanne says her drive to do and achieve more— combined with a desire to make the world a better place—is what pulled her to join Leadership Circle. “Leaders not only shape a team’s or organization’s culture,” she says, “but ultimately, that of society. My desire to help create a more sustainable way of living on this one planet, especially considering the legacy we leave our children, aligns with the work of Leadership Circle to evolve the conscious practice of leadership and steward the planet.” Among her most rewarding professional achievements, Suzanne recounts a time she enabled a shift for 300 leadership teams all over the globe (APAC/U.S./Canada/EU), comprising more than 3,000 people in total, toward a more flexible and faster way of operating. “Through the global team of coaches we set up for this client, the system as a whole shifted to a faster, more competitive, and more sustainable way of working—in just 18 months.” For Suzanne, hers is a sacred journey. “The core of the work is a growth mindset and the development of consciousness,” she adds. “Guiding this, with courage, and helping people fulfil their full potential; this is my ikigai As a full-time global professional, a single mother of three boys, and her household’s sole provider, she understands the balancing act of women in business everywhere and works tirelessly to empower others. “Know you have more agency than you think you have,” she advises women. “We may boldly step into owning our power. And perhaps look less for permission.” Suzanne’s dedication and success have earned her the title of Most Influential Adult Development Expert & Top Executive Coach 2023 (Europe). We’re excited by all she has achieved and look forward to seeing the ripple effect of the impact she will have on leaders for years to come. Leadership Circle’s global lead for enterprise coaching and top executive coach recognized for her dedication and impact