Influential Businesswoman Awards 2022

Acquisition International - Influential Businesswoman Awards 2022 19 May22263 Most Innovative PR Entrepreneur (USA): Nicole Rodrigues ith its headquarters located in the heart of Beverly Hills, NRPR Group Inc. is surrounded by innovation and game changing brands. The company itself is a multi-awardwinning business and is, therefore, at home in the hotbed of creativity. Indeed, NRPR Group is a full-service public relations and creative marketing agency that supports a global clientele. The pioneering business is devoted to reshaping, reimagining, and elevating the PR industry, and in turn, has had the opportunity to work with some of the world’s most prestigious companies. Featured as a Forbes Magazine Business Council member, and a regular guest on top shows such as Access Hollywood, Nicole Rodrigues, CEO and chief strategist at NRPR Group, continues to set the highest example for her team. The businesswoman – who founded the agency in 2014 – is the face of the organization, undertaking numerous interviews in which she shares her advice, tips, and opinions. She is perfect for this role. Her wealth of experience working at top agencies, where she fulfilled projects for Hulu and YouTube, has provided her with valuable knowledge that has the power to influence an entire industry. During those aforementioned formative years, Nicole focused on building her skills and moving toward creating her own agency. However, it wouldn’t be plain sailing, as a woman operating within the tech industry, Nicole faced a great amount of pushback. On multiple occasions men told her that she was ‘too pretty to be smart,’ and she received criticism from women for caring about her appearance. Such comments imply that if you’re attractive – feminine – you will not be taken seriously. To combat this, Nicole brought her A-game to meetings, fighting for her voice to be heard through consistent strategy building for brands that worked. Since her introduction to the industry, it’s clear things have changed. Unfortunately, there is still a long way to go, women are often judged and forced to forfeit their femininity in order to progress. Nicole believes that this is wrong – women should not have to compromise their identity for success. She knows first-hand feminine energy in leadership can, in fact, be a benefit. Consequently, Nicole supports a plethora of organisations that aid women, and ensures that NRPR Group is a place that embraces W Nicole Rodrigues developed NRPR Group to create a new and more effective standard of best practices for media relations and corporate brand building. With 22+ years of experience, she’s well underway in accomplishing this mission, solidifying her approach to business. As a result of Nicole’s tenacity and commitment to helping clients, brands, investors, media and more know and understand the art of public relations, NRPR Group has excelled, rocketing to unprecedented levels of success. everyone and offers accolades based upon hard work – not gender. Nicole has acted as a mentor at Leap Week’s Motivational Leadership Summer Program for Students Aged 15-27, a member, mentor, and speaker at AthletesTouch, an exclusive community of former college and professional athletes excelling in the world of business, and a mentor at Expert DOJO, an organization that helps early-stage startups. Moreover, in 2017, Nicole founded Young Dreamers, a non-profit that endeavours to inspire young people to be fearless in the pursuit of their goals and equip them the tools they need to achieve personal success. The volunteers push children to establish roadmaps that will aid them through any challenges that they may face throughout their lives. For young adults, Young Dreamers aids with the development of emotional intelligence, creating strong and positive individuals. Nicole has a busy future ahead. She hopes to put her recently earned MBA to use. Additionally, Nicole hopes to publish her second book in 2023. Her publishing debut came in 2020 with the launch of Beverly Hills Boss, a critically acclaimed business and life skills book aimed at helping those who dream of leading and making a difference in their careers regardless of any/all circumstances, humble beginnings, or obstacles. NRPR Group will be undergoing an abundance of expansion over the next year, including the acquisition of both new clients and team members. Already this year, the company has signed eight new clients, and has broadened its diverse portfolio. As NRPR Group continues its commitment to clients, media professionals, and its team members to create a mutually beneficial scenario, it vows to continue to add services. Contact: Lynda Starr Company: NRPR Group Inc. Web Address: