Influential Businesswoman Awards 2022

14 Acquisition International - Influential Businesswoman Awards 2022 May22358 Most Inclusive Management Consultant (London): Katie Kelly aklin is a full-service management consultancy. Oaklin helps clients across varied industries take advantage of the opportunity presented by modern technologies and new ways of working to shape and accelerate their businesses. Oaklin creates bold ideas and delivers effective solutions that bring about lasting and successful change. They do this by connecting strategic intent with business outcomes. For over a decade Oaklin has delivered solutions across many industries - from global multinationals to startups - across the private and public sectors. ‘As one of Oaklin’s most senior consultants, I primarily lead on the human elements of change, or as some might describe it, change management,’ Katie Kelly begins. ‘I have a particularly keen interest in how behavioural and cultural change support ongoing transformation.’ Beginning her career, a little over 14 years ago, Katie acquired her role as a Project Manager with the Metropolitan Police Service as part of its IT Graduate Development Programme. Three years later, and with a wealth of experience, she moved on to a small consultancy that specialised in the transport industry. ‘My first experiences of post-university employment were both quite heavily male-dominated and accompanied by the obvious challenges as a result,’ she explains. ‘When it comes to consultancy, I feel that it is mainly the industries you work in that define your experience as a woman.’ Currently, Katie operates within the project leadership team for an Energy client based in the Caribbean, for which she leads the change of an organisation-wide ERP system implementation alongside dependent functionalities and tools. In addition, she leads numerous initiatives at Oaklin. For example, Katie is the figurehead of Oaklin’s marketing strategy, leading a highly talented team of eight consultants and analysts. ‘Engagement of clients and prospective recruits have increased significantly since I began leading the Marketing function,’ she adds. ‘I also lead several of our Inclusion and Diversity initiatives, with a particular focus on awareness of the importance of gender equity in our industry and within our firm.’ Her engagement with the Inclusion and Diversity initiatives has led Katie to organise many of Oaklin’s International Women’s Day celebrations. Moreover, she has offered multiple valuable contributions to the company’s public I&D viewpoint and has headed Oaklin’s ‘Ways We Are Inclusive Charter.’ Perhaps most crucially, Katie played a fundamental role in the company’s development of its commitments O Since Katie Kelly, a highly successful management consultant, joined the business, Oaklin’s team has expanded by over a third. Many of these new recruits are women. Katie’s role in this development has been paramount – but her devotion to female empowerment doesn’t end when she clocks out. Join us as we speak to Katie about her devotion to bolstering equality both in and out of the workplace. to support women who have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic. Outside of the business, Katie devotes an even greater amount of time to supporting women. She is a volunteer at The Chartered Management Institute, where she operates as a regional board member and heads their Women’s network. In addition, Katie got involved with Women’s Aid in the aftermath of the pandemic after being shocked by the extreme rise in domestic violence. She has also created her own vibrant community via social media platforms and her podcast. ‘Through my community “@HER.oes.of” and “HER.oes – The Podcast”, I celebrate and support women heroes in fields such as business, art, charity, health, and more. I recently celebrated the 1-year anniversary of my podcast. In that year I have had thousands of listeners to 30 episodes with exceptional guests like Nikki Henderson, the youngest ever skipper to lead a team in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race, Emma Macan Roberts, the Director of ‘Lean In’ Circles at the Sheryl Sandberg and Dave Goldberg Family Foundation, and Pinky Lilani OBE, the founder of the Women of the Future Awards and the Asian Women of Achievement Awards,’ she says, her enthusiasm radiating through each word. Unsurprisingly, alongside leadership ambitions, her future goals are centred around female empowerment, both in and outside of Oaklin. Katie concludes, ‘my ambition to continue to raise awareness of the importance of gender equity across the consulting industry and in business generally remains a clear part of my professional ambition. […] Who knows, in the future I may be able to influence global leaders to lead by example in supporting women globally in business and beyond’ Contact: Katie Kelly Company: Oaklin Web Address: