Global Mobility & International HR Awards 2017

4 Acquisition International - Global Mobility & International HR Best Global Workforce Mobility Specialist 2017 Boxx Global Expat Solutions Boxx global expat solutions is the biggest independent global mobility firm in the Benelux. We invited Dennis van Proosdij and Rens van Oers to tell us more about the firm and how it came to achieve the phenomenal success it enjoys today. Company: Boxx global expat solutions Contact: Rens van Oers Contact Email: [email protected] Address: Heikant 1, 3930 Achel, Belgium Phone: +32 11 55 99 10 Website: GM170010 Over the past 11 years Boxx has grown from start- up to a thought leader position. A privately-owned company owned and managed by its CEO, the firm’s independency reflects its working philosophy, as Dennis emphasises. “Here at Boxx, our vision and concept are built on delivering and coordinating integrated mobility services on a global scale. We offer these services for multinational businesses, ranging from coordination of vendor support, immigration advice and compliance, HR advice and development of global mobility policies, tax consulting and compliance to payroll advice and compliance: providing expertise and capacity to fully streamline, coordinate and execute mobility management on a global scale. Through our full service offering we can assist our clients with the various different types of challenges they face from a global mobility perspective. “Our unique business model is our self built international network of workforce mobility specialists, comprising over 300 partner companies in more than 80 countries. A robust framework which we have built with our heads and hearts, “It is the firm’s vast service offering , combined with its expert staff and approach that set it apart from its competitors...” which at Boxx we named Frame. This working model allows us to combine speed of service with in-depth local knowledge anywhere on the planet. This results in unmatched quality of service against a competitive price. To further enhance the chain, Boxx has four knowledge and management hubs in Achel (HQ in Belgium), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Hong Kong and Boston (US). Providing supreme services, pro-active solutions and ROI for clients, is what defines our work ethics.” Supporting a wide range of clients, from global multinational companies to smaller companies with a global mobile workforce which can consist of international business visitors, short/long term assignees, local hires attracted from abroad and/ or foreign executives/directors, Boxx has to work closely with each client right from the start to ensure that they receive the service they need, as Rens explains. “To ensure that we provide our clients with the services they require, we start our client focused approach from the moment we start working with them. First of all, and most importantly, we listen to our clients and have attention for their needs and look out for the personal satisfactions of the expats involved as well. Together with the client we define the value adding factors they are looking for, which as you can imagine can be very different and specific for various clients. This is what we like to call “real partnership”. Not only looking to do the job