Global Green Business Awards 2021

22 Acquisition International - Global Green Business Awards 2021 Best Public Furnishing Design Studio – Sweden & AI Sustainable Design Excellence Award 2021 n 2007, founder and designer Johan Berhin’s ‘One C’ chair became an overnight hit in Paris, starting a trend that would later develop into the formation of Green Furniture Concept. The company develops modular seating and lighting solutions for public space interiors with sustainability in mind. Indeed, guided by human and ecological needs, Green Furniture Concept does away with the harsh adhesives and toxic chemicals – instead, the company recognises the importance of considering the full life cycle of products and, as a result, creates each with natural and low-impact materials. With pieces featured in airports, transport hubs, universities, schools, hospitals and shopping malls around the world, it’s safe to say that Green Furniture Concept has transgressed the limitations of borders. Its work has found a home in Edinburgh airport, the University of Copenhagen, and Grand Littoral, Marseille. Furthermore, the company focuses on biophilic design, meaning that it develops products that emphasise a connection to the natural world. As such, the company manufactures ‘feel-good furniture.’ Taking its London Victoria and Bridge station projects as an example, the installation of Green Furniture Concept’s products made an overnight change in passenger satisfaction, increasing it from around 30% to 80%. This means that around 1 million people benefit from the products each day. All of its products have the same goal in mind – to enhance the space, improving the wellbeing of those that use it, whether this means having a comfortable place to sit or adding to the creative ambiance of an area. Green Furniture Concept is on a mission to show that sustainable furniture doesn’t only have to be functional, but it can also be beautiful. It has successfully found a harmonious balance between designs that inspire and impress and designs that adhere to ecofriendly materials and manufacturing practices. In addition, for every piece of furniture the company sells, it vows to plant a tree near to its local production sites in southern Sweden and Colombia. It does this not only for the climate but also to ensure long term furniture-grade wood supply that comes from an ethical source. Of course, sustainability is the company’s number one priority, and it is constantly challenging itself and the industry to do more in order to tackle their output of carbon emissions. Basing its practices upon four cornerstones – awareness, design and resources, reforestation, and post sales responsibility – Green Furniture Concept strives for I Green Furniture Company is the business behind the furniture in numerous recognisable spaces across the globe – including Malmö Airport, Nice Airport terminal 1 and 2, and the Kalmanovitz Library, University of California, San Francisco. Developing biophilic pieces, the company places an intense focus upon sustainable practices – a mindset that infuses each of its products. Indeed, the company is on a mission to reduce harmful manufacturing processes within the furniture industry, and it plans to further this mission over the next year. Contact: Adele Kamel Company: Green Furniture Concept Web Address: Jan22108 sustainability within each element of the company. One major example of the company’s efforts is its focus on the chemicals used within its products. Collaborating with its suppliers and environmental chemists to evaluate and improve its chemical footprint, Green Furniture Concept assesses each substance used within the manufacturing of its products to ensure that each item is free from ecotoxins and other harmful substances. Following the Nordic Ecolabel as the base standard to improve its chemical contents and raise chemical awareness, the company hopes to eventually exclude all SIN-listed substances from its inventory of products. Over the next year Green Furniture Concept will be continuing to work in collaboration with its clients in order to develop more exquisite, sustainable pieces for their spaces. Ultimately the company hopes to further its mission, exploring more ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Green Furniture Concept