Global Green Business Awards 2021

Acquisition International - Global Green Business Awards 2021 21 Dec21107 Best Battery Recycling Technology Company - Nevada The world is in a state of transition, with clean technologies at the heart of the latest developments. The team at LINIO Corporation have made it their business to develop the innovations which will save us. In Acquisition International’s Global Green Business Awards 2021, the firm’s leading technologies allowed the team to secure incredible success. We see what has supercharged this company to such incredible heights. hen it comes to sustainable solutions, it pays not only to consider the ways in which we can move forward, but also the ways in which we can adjust to the needs of the past. Lithium-ion battery waste from EVs, grid/solar renewable storage, manufacturing, devices and electronic waste is one of the leading challenges facing the world today, limiting the development of a circular economy which can drive our global society forward. LINICO Corporation has the solution. Driven by the needs of the future, constantly pushing ahead, LINICO Corporation has made its name on addressing the way in which we extract raw materials from the earth, produce products and how we close the loop when products reach end-of-life. The process is one which has numerous gaps where pioneers of technology must develop new solutions. Only then can there be a clear way forward which reduces global carbon emissions. The team’s solutions involve finding ways of recycling batteries, electronics, and end-of-life products. Through the firm’s innovative and leading technology, they have been able to find ways of producing 99.9% pure cathode. This incredible achievement will have an enormous impact on the world at large, both with companies focused on renewable energy and those which are making the first steps to reducing their impact on climate change. In the electric vehicles industry, for example, the team’s solutions will close the loop on the supply/demand of LIBs, whilst in manufacturing, the team can offer customized cathodes tailored to the specifics of W a business’ requirements. The team has also developed options for renewable energy storage which can be adapted to suit the unique demands of various situations. All of these sectors are growing industries and will see increasing demand as the years progress. By positioning themselves as leading names in the field, the team will be able to secure new heights of success for many years to come. The work done by companies like LINICO Corporation are vital to the success of the movement to minimise the impact of climate change, and the team have made sure that their solutions can have the maximum possible impact in every sector. No matter what industry you work in, they have a solution which can make a real difference to the way in which you work. This is the secret of their enviable success, and the reason why they are in such high demand. Worthy winners in Acquisition International’s Global Green Business Awards 2021, we cannot wait to see what they do next! Company: LINICO Corporation Contact: Mike Vogel Email: