Global Green Business Awards 2021

20 Acquisition International - Global Green Business Awards 2021 Best Solar PV Installation Specialists - South England ne of the key components of the battle against climate change is finding ways to utilise renewable energy wherever possible. Solar energy is an immense source of power that many people simply have dreamed of tapping. The team at CC Solar Smart Eco Homes consider it their mission to ensure that their customers are not only able to make the best of the sun’s powerful rays, but do so with the confidence of a job well done in this burgeoning industry. The solar panel industry has exploded in the last few years as people explore ways of investing in the future of the planet, and of reducing their household energy bills. To the team at CC Solar Smart Eco Homes, installing solar panels is an easy step to securing the best possible results. They have installed panels throughout Southern England, including Rustington, Littlehampton, Worthing and Brighton. The team also offer various energy storage solutions so the free energy generated during the day can be reused in the evenings. The team’s success comes from an approach which is straighttalking at all times. In an industry which is on the rise, many come to customers offering a solution which simply isn’t possible. The familyrun CC Solar Smart Eco Homes team promise to tell it as it is, using their years of expertise in communications and electrical installations to ensure the highest quality at all times. This commitment to offering a service that is second to none has won them industry accreditation and raises them to one of the premier installers in the region. Working locally also means they are intimately aware with the unique challenges of the area. The world of solar energy is one which requires skill to make the most out of, and the team are more than capable of advising their clients on the best path to secure the results they want to see. There are no intrusive home sales visits, just a promise and commitment to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Going green is not always easy, and some companies can make into an immense challenge. For CC Solar Smart Eco Homes, the decision to make life easy for customers was simple. Their pride in the work ensures the highest possible standards are maintained at all times, which has put them at the forefront of the industry. As the world begins to shift its focus putting green issues first and foremost, it would pay to follow in the example of this exemplary provider of green solutions. O For over 20 years, the team at CC Solar Smart Eco Homes have been leading the way when it comes to solar installations. Working across the South Coast of England, the firm have built a reputation that is not only second to none, but has brought them considerable favour in the Global Green Business Awards 2021. We take a closer look at the firm in the light of their achievement. Company: CC Solar Smart Eco Homes ltd Contact: Trevor Waller Email: Nov21768