Global Green Business Awards 2021

Acquisition International - Global Green Business Awards 2021 17 Nov21369 Best Global Sustainable Music Platform 2021 Raking in billions each year, the music industry plays a key role in many people’s daily lives – be it Spotify, Apple Music, or via YouTube, music subscriptions, streaming, and hosting is everywhere. However, many artists fly under the radar, and are unable to cultivate a sustainable lifestyle via their work. Creative Xchange Inc is working to change this, providing a platform for artists to be booked for performances and showcase their talents, without the crushing pressure of different fees and binding contracts. reative Xchange Inc. is an innovative platform designed to answer the problems faced by musicians in the music industry today. Offering a place for musicians to promote themselves, engage their fan base and earn from their music right from day one, Creative Xchange Inc. embraces creativity, understanding that music should be accessible to all. Henceforth, the company does away with joining fees and monthly subscriptions, only charging service fees from venues and artists for transactions and other services. Working with venues, companies, non-profits and thousands of musicians, including many Grammy Award winners, Creative Xchange Inc hopes to bring new ideas into music industry and aid musicians in making a sustainable income. Built by technologists and engineers, their prior experience has equipped them with an awareness of the inefficiencies within the music industry. Upon realising that cumbersome, unsustainable practices were reducing the overall opportunities available to the musicians, Creative Xchange Inc was born. Destroying decades of old traditions and practices, the company has completely illuminated the use of obstinate contracts and cash payments – streamlining the booking process. In addition, Creative Xchange Inc is replacing labour and paper intensive processes in the music industry with smart technology solutions. Ultimately, Creative Xchange Inc is on a mission to flip the industry upside down, eradicating the unnecessary tethers that repress smaller artists. Indeed, the company hopes to aid musicians along their path of gaining a sustainable income via their art, identifying that whilst both demand and supply exist, the distribution and discovery has been historically inefficient and controlled by a few individuals. Creative Xchange Inc, through its first-hand knowledge, plans to tear down the music industry to its fundamental levels, rebuilding it with the artist as the main priority. According to the Musicians’ Union, the UK music industry contributed £5.2 billion to the UK economy in 2018. Moreover, in the first quarter of 2021, Spotify revealed that it had 356 million monthly active users, including 158 million premium subscribers – gaining near four million subscribers throughout that quarter. Indeed, the music industry is nothing short of a global titan, contributing billions to the economy each year. It is imperative for Creative Xchange Inc to carve out its own niche in order to ensure longevity and success. Therefore, unlike many of its competitors, C the company focuses on artist income rather than exposure. Its success is clear through the company’s numbers – recently the company increased the total number of countries it is exposed to from 1 to 67. However, this did come alongside a myriad of challenges, including time zones, languages, and local currencies. It was with these challenges in mind that Creative Xchange Inc relied on its groundbreaking technologies in order to develop effective solutions. Today, the company is the proud host of artists from at least 10 countries and viewers from across the globe. As the company progresses into 2022, it has numerous exciting plans in the works, many of which will be revealed throughout the year. Whilst no specifics can be announced, it is turning its focus towards digital products and social commerce. Consequently, the upcoming year is going to be a busy one for Creative Xchange Inc, as it continues to make the music industry more hospitable for artists. Contact: Sarthak Patnaik Company: Creative Xchange Inc. Web Address: