Global Excellence Awards 2023

80 | Acquisition International, Global Excellence Awards 2023 20 | Acquisition International, Issue 8 2023 espite its brilliance in many fields, Google can’t do everything. That’s where Upp. comes in – its advanced programming and selfteaching AI is able to investigate data pools that Google simply can’t. Its ingenious platform is continuously learning and adapting, all to guarantee an unrivalled accuracy when delving into proprietary data and product performance metrics. From the information it learns in real time, it’s able to maximise a retailer’s effectiveness, all whilst securing profitability for each client. Upp. is at the forefront of setting the new standard of retail intelligence solutions, and has tirelessly worked to earn its place at the top. Its AI automation is the next step for the industry, which is masterfully demonstrated through its innate ability to constantly maximise the success of a business’s marketing channels. Instead of retailers having to manually adjust themselves to the changes within their own market, Upp. has created a self-sufficient means to alleviate the strain of the complex strategising process. Never again will retailers have to concern themselves with dipping profits. Upp. is transforming the eCommerce sphere, simply by providing the right tools to the right people. As a result, trade is moulded into something that’s fun and exciting to partake in for a whole manner of retailers. Upp. is wholly concerned with success, and has masterfully designed a seamless means of achieving it for its clients. It improves Google Shopping performance in new and innovative ways, with datadriven results serving as a testament to its greatness. Its dramatic improvements in performance make Upp. an invaluable asset for any retailer. With a recorded 27% increase in average revenue within the first 12 months of use alone, with maximum revenue increase reaching as much as 56%, Upp. sees a drastic shift in the way its partners operate. In addition to these figures, Upp. has also heralded fantastic results in terms of transactions and budget spendings, seeing a 62% increase in the rate of transactions, and a 48% increase in available budget spent. All of this combined paints Upp. in a brilliant light, and it’s no exaggeration to say that it’s managed to consistently change the lives of its clients. It does all of the heavy lifting by providing reliable statistics that are both easy to understand, and even easier to apply to its clients’ marketing channels. Upp. focuses on crafting improved strategies for businesses, and won’t rest until business targets are, not only met, but exceeded. When it comes to accelerating the success of a company, no software program does it better than Upp.’s AI platform. One prime example of Upp.’s ability to completely turn around the sales of a company is its recent work with the fashion retailer, Roman. Roman’s clothes are renowned for their affordable quality, married with a timelessness that has allowed it to prosper throughout the years. However, it became increasingly clear to Roman that its Google Shopping performance was significantly starting to decline. It enlisted the assistance of Upp. in response, hoping it’d be able to rectify the issue before it became a large-scale revenue problem. Though Roman had already been working alongside an eCommerce solutions provider, it was only upon partnering with Upp. that things started to finally take a turn for the better. This was all a result of Upp.’s intrinsic capabilities. Upp. was able to identify exactly what was causing the decline of Google Shopping sales. By utilising its AI-driven software, Upp. not only increased inventory visibility, but organised said inventory into campaigns that were based on performance potential, as opposed to product lines. Following this, Upp.’s OS proceeded to both force inventory exposure and capture data in real time all in one fell swoop. As a result, Roman quickly saw a stabilisation of its Google Shopping channel – something that had since been impossible through other eCommerce agencies. Upp. proved that it has the means to grant businesses with success, and has since worked closely with Roman to continuously improve its performance online. When explaining its work with Roman, Upp. provided us with this testimony from Roman itself: “Prior to working with Upp. we couldn’t justify a large ad spend on Google Shopping, as we did not have confidence in the return. Now, this is the only channel where we are confident on the return of our ad spend every single week.”. Upp. is determined to make a difference, and it’s clear that, through its partnership with Roman, it’s made a name for itself as an invaluable AI asset whose effectiveness simply can’t be overlooked. Upp. isn’t your run of the mill advertising campaign optimisation platform. Instead of simply offering advice on how to improve sales, Upp.’s AI system analyses the raw data, and converts said data into information that primarily revolves around increased performance. And, with its self-teaching nature, it’s able to adapt and evolve alongside a business’s inventory statistics. AI is no doubt the future of marketing, and Upp. has an incredible head start in the race towards evolution. The brilliance that Upp. displays is second to none within the industry. There’s a passion behind its innovation that’s undeniable, and it manifests through the work that it’s accomplished throughout the years. We believe nobody is more deserving of the title of Best Retail Intelligence Solutions Provider 2023 – London. Its solutions make a real, evidence-based difference, with irrefutable figures endorsing the capabilities of Upp.’s ingenious AI platform. Contact: Jane Doran Company: Upp. Technologies Ltd Web Address: Sometimes, companies could see a decay in income from their marketing channels, but there may not seem to be a reason for it. In situations such as these, it can be infuriating trying to figure out where things are going wrong without the right assistance. Upp. Technologies Ltd (Upp.) is the solution. Its intuitive AI offers a unique opportunity for clients to get their sales back on track – an attribute that has earned it the title of Best Retail Intelligence Solutions Provider 2023 – London. D The Only Way is Upp. Jun23757 80 | Acquisition International, Global Excellence Awards 2023