Global Excellence Awards 2023

Contents 60 Save Time and Money with Clinical Maestro 62 A Guiding Light 64 The International Pillar for Geo-Information 66 Challenging the Status Quo 68 Automated Excellence for the European Market 69 IP Expertise You Can Trust 70 Making Spaces as Clear as Ice 71 Simply Best in Class for Family & Property Law 72 Data Driven Transformation: Unlocking AI’s Boundless Potential 74 Next-Generation Retail Solutions 75 Best in Class Yacht Services and Solutions 76 Supporting Risk Takers 78 Your Helping Hand in Real Estate Purchases 80 The Only Way is Upp. 82 The Upper Echelons of Healthcare 83 Enabling AI to Help Agents 84 Enhancing Education 86 The Power of Partnership 88 A Technology Company That Wants to Change the Way the World Works 89 One Platform, Unlimited Possibilities 90 Best On-Demand Pay Platform 2023 91 Best Music Platform 2023 – Australia 92 Making International Business Easy 94 Affordable, Convenient, and Expert Healthcare at Your Fingertips 95 Water Heating Made Tankless 96 Real Estate Investments Using Blockchain 97 Qualified Arbitrators See All Sides 98 Ukwazi: South Africa’s Best Specialist Mining Service Providers 100 Investment Management of the Future 102 Comprehensive Green Consultancy Services 103 All Your Currency – In One Superapp! 104 Game changers in a universe of solutions. 106 Seeing advantages where others see obstacles. 108 NOI Generating Connectivity Infrastructure Made Easy 109 Excellence, Expertise, and Innovation in Aesthetics. 110 Innovative Solutions To Help You Succeed 111 VertPro: The Easiest Energy Benchmark Compliance Platform Around 112 Financial Health in Plentiful Supply 113 Protecting Family Businesses Through Legacy Planning 114 Clear Vision and Self-Efficacy 116 Russel Finex: Customized Filtration Solutions for All Industries 117 The Consultancy Network of the Future 118 The Main Attraction 119 What will happen if your entire network goes down? 120 Individual Growth Leads to Collective Success 121 Zalaris – Winner of Best HR & Payroll Software Developer 122 Connecting People Everywhere! 124 Trading Taught by Traders 125 Looking for Talented Team Members? 126 Turning Data into Insights 128 A Pioneering Pensions Partner in the German De-Risking Market 129 Most Innovative Market Research Services Firm 2023 - USA 130 Intelligent Storage at the Edge 134 Innovative Financial Technology Secures Financial Futures 136 Big Dogs, Small Firm 137 Yellow Brick Road: Paving the Way to Children’s Future 138 Flexible Security Solutions For You 139 Your Legal Partners For Life 140 Light Up Your Life 141 Blue Skies for Budding Businesses 142 INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS FOR FINANCIAL RATINGS 143 Enriching and Empowering Communities 144 Life After Hate 145 Customer-First, Integrity, Courage 146 Healthcare Consultancy Group: Reimagining Medical Communications 148 DCI Indonesia Awarded The Most Innovative Data Center Provider 2023 - Southeast Asia 149 Expert, Efficient, and Ethical Family Law Advice 150 Influencing a Culture of Caring 151 A Trusted Gateway to Global Online Trading Excellence 152 Flexible Manufacturing Services 153 Woodside Quality: Keen Insight, Sound Decisions, Exceptional Results 154 Fresh Water Anytime, Anywhere 156 Thorndyke: Trusted Independent DOOH Verification 158 Reinventing AI Retail Solutions 159 Passionate About Helping Clients Achieve National and International Goals 160 Looking Beyond the Obvious 161 Probate Litigation Through the Decades 162 Let’s Save Lives on Wet Roads 163 The Spirit of Innovation 164 Crown Point Advisors: Unearthing Critical Prior Art 165 A Central Resource for Clients in Global Employment Law 166 Helping You Bee Yourself 167 Growing Through the Power of People 168 Destination Management and Experiential Event Solutions 169 LiDRS: Developing Organizations, Teams, Managers, and Leaders 170 Medical Marijuana 411: Global Leader for Cannabis Education