Global Excellence Awards 2023

26 | Acquisition International, Global Excellence Awards 2023 Aug22499 12 | Issue 12 2023 Oct23688 Unlock the Power of Physical Location with Cloud4Wi n 2014, Cloud4Wi was established by Co-Founders Andrea Calcagno and Davide Quadrini, who aimed to help enterprises to unlock the power of physical locations in their guest WiFi experiences. To this end, the pair set out to create a comprehensive, cloud-based WiFi platform that businesses would be able to use to offer their guests automatic and secure access to the internet. In just a few clicks, clients can get their WiFi services up and running, enabling their guests to effortlessly gain internet access with seamless, selfdirected onboarding. Cloud4Wi’s diverse client base spans across a variety of industries, from retail to transportation to real estate. With more than 150 million mobile users, connected across 70,000 locations in over 150 countries, the company is a trusted partner to many leading global enterprises. This includes well-known retailers like Aldi, Campari, and Albertsons, luxury brands like Lacoste, Armani, and Valentino, recreation facilities like Herschend Family Entertainment, New York Botanical Garden, and English Heritage, and many more. Serving such a broad range of industries, Cloud4Wi understands that each of its clients will need different things from their business WiFi solution. For this reason, its unrivalled platform was designed to provide enterprises with the freedom and flexibility they need to tailor every aspect of the WiFi service to suit their unique business and customer needs. They can easily define and manage policies to ensure that each user is only able to access the network resources that they are authorised to view. Furthermore, with Cloud4Wi, enterprises are empowered to leverage WiFi onboarding abilities to accelerate data gathering from users, whilst maintaining compliance with local data protection regulations. This means that clients can provide users with innovative location-aware experiences based on their connection behaviours. This includes triggering messages through multiple channels like emails and SMS, enabling flawless in-app services, and delivering contextually relevant in-app content. On top of this, clients can utilise location analytics to make well-informed business decisions. Cloud4Wi offers a dynamic suite of features that are constantly evolving, adapting, and enhancing. Notably, there has been a significant increase in Passpoint developments over the past year. Andrea explains, “We’ve made significant investments in Passpoint and WBA OpenRoaming, not only on the technology stack. In fact, we spent a lot of time in the market working with ecosystem partners to experiment, learn, and finally craft viable, actionable solutions that businesses can start adopting right now, to kick off a transformation journey that all businesses will have to embrace sooner or later.” With a highly distinct product offering, Cloud4Wi is proud to be unlike any other startup in New York City. This uniqueness extends to its exceptional internal culture. “With proud Italian roots, we’ve created a fun fusion Italian American work environment, mixing Italian values with American execution,” Andrea explains. “Cloud4Wi’s team is a dynamic team full of bright minds. We are passionate about what we’re building and are looking for people who want to make an impact.” For the outstanding platform it has created, Cloud4Wi Inc. has been named Best Business WiFi Solutions Company, USA, in the Global Excellence Awards 2023. With this prestigious title under its belt, there is no doubt that the company will continue to succeed in the years to come, helping its clients to deliver innovative location-aware WiFi experiences. “2023 saw the initiation of key projects that set a reference and example for the entire industry. 2024 is poised to be an even better year for us,” shares Andrea. “In 2024, we expect a growing interest from the market and a more active participation of all ecosystem players, and we believe 2024 will be the year for a widespread adoption of Passpoint and WBA OpenRoaming. Cloud4Wi will be here, providing the know-how and solutions to help enterprises to embrace this technology and accelerate the transformation journey.” Contact Details Contact: Andrea Calcagno Company: Cloud4Wi Web Address: Based in New York City, Cloud4Wi has created a platform through which businesses can offer their guests automatic and secure WiFi access and unleash innovative location-aware experiences. As part of the Global Excellence Awards 2023, Cloud4Wi was recently named Best Business WiFi Solutions Company. In the wake of this success, we explore the platform’s features and speak to President and CEO Andrea Calcagno to find out more about the company’s internal culture and future plans. I 26 | Acquisition International, Global Excellence Awards 2023