Global Excellence Awards 2023

Acquisition International - Issue 5 2023 7 Azon Recruitment Group (Azon) is an expert provider of recruitment for multiple sectors across Ireland including accounting, construction, financial services, legal, property, and life sciences, amongst others. It has been named as the Best End-To-End Recruitment Solutions Company 2023 – Ireland, reflecting its commitment to providing the best, most focused services for both its business clients and its jobseekers. Mar23451 ounded by experienced businesspersons Ronan Colleran and Gillian O’Dowd, Azon Recruitment Group brings over 25 years of recruiting excellence, together with a fresh approach, an appetite for innovation, and a focus on achieving the right outcomes. It sees its mission as always being directed by and concentrated on three main goals. These are to provide recruitment expertise over sectors that Ireland is globally renowned for, to operate effectively across multiple jurisdictions, and to solve all its clients’ recruitment needs. The way it operates is to provide end-to-end recruitment solutions across its whole client base. Its sectoral knowledge covers accounting, construction, financial services, manufacturing and engineering, sales and marketing, HR and business support, legal, property, life sciences, and technology. The company has continued to refine its values ever since induction, taking onboard input from all levels to help shape its core business principles. Azon’s values are to be collaborative, open, respectful, and deliver excellence. In terms of collaboration, the way Azon lives its value is to ensure its people help each other out by being supportive and sharing information. It provides time, effort, and resources to develop its partners and empower them to achieve their goals. It builds genuine relationships based on trust, and understands how the scale of its goals requires everyone to collaborate for the best outcome. When it comes to being open, Azon is clear and transparent in its communication. It enables its partners to make decisions based on accurate and complete information. Similarly, when looking at the way Azon fulfils its value to be respectful, it makes sure it is welcoming and inclusive to all. It firmly believes every individual is deserving of equal opportunities, and respect without judgement. Finally, with the value to be excellent, Azon sets itself high standards and always strives to deliver greatness. It aims to build people up when rising to challenges, and celebrate company achievements collectively. Azon continuously learns and evolves, and is quick to correct-course if mistakes are ever made. Diversity has been key in nurturing a positive environment at Azon Recruitment Group. It celebrates the contributions of all its people, whatever their level, and unites in an accepting, encouraging focus on sustainable success. It is a proud driver of holistic efforts within business, always staying receptive to new ideas, fresh input, and innovation in products, services and beyond. Azon also offers broad industry and cross-functional recruitment coverage. It is small enough to care about each and every client/candidate experience, and large enough to be in a position to proactively service the needs of both its F Looking for Talented Team Members? clients and jobseekers. Azon assists both employer and employee through the entire process. Its strategic objective is to make sure it adds value at every contact point. Azon’s recruitment professionals take a consultative approach, offering data-driven advice, listening, and considering the unique needs of a firm, team, or individual. At a project level, it’s assisted multinational companies across a broad range of sectors, beginning months before the first hire is made. In this way it can advise on market conditions, talent supply, regulatory compliance, visa, and work permit requirements. Azon recognises that hiring and changing jobs are huge decisions not to be taken lightly. This is why providing an empathetic, human voice is so important, and part of Azon’s 360-degree, end-to-end combined services. The application of its own experience and data in high-level projects, potentially covering hundreds of jobs, extends as far as knowing the best coffee shop to suggest for a meet-up between a manager and jobseeker. It recognises the importance and value it can offer in providing such complete recruitment solutions. Azon crafts its client base according to what works best for its business and recruitment consultants. It’s able to employ independent decision makers, which, given the breadth of its business reach, can often be incredibly helpful for companies. Its ability to make critical business decisions helps boost morale at Azon, and assists its partner businesses significantly. Its announcement as Best EndTo-End Recruitment Solutions Company 2023 – Ireland is a further feather in its cap, and a step towards its goal of enhancing data driven analytics and automation within the recruitment process. Company: Azon Recruitment Group Web Address: - Its sectoral knowledge covers accounting, construction, financial services, manufacturing and engineering, sales and marketing, HR and business support, legal, property, life sciences, and technology. 125 | Acquisition International, Global Excellence Awards 2023