Global Excellence Awards 2023

Acquisition International - Issue 6 2023 9 ulti-award winning Vie Aesthetics offer carefully tailored combinations of treatments to help clients to flourish in their own skin. Its top-rated customer care team assist men and women of all ages to discreetly achieve their transformation goals, whether they be focused on skin, face, body, wellness, or hair restoration treatments. It is a doctor-led establishment with world class practitioners committed to helping clients receive safe and effective cosmetic solutions. The Vie Aesthetics clinics are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and accredited by Save Face, meaning they operate within the strictest of guidelines, and adhere to stringent quality standards. They offer anti-aging solutions for various areas, using cutting-edge technology, and top of the range products to deliver optimal results. Their vision is celebrating the beauty of life, as they take transformative journeys with clients, focused on helping them achieve their desired look, and empowering them to be the best version of themselves. Vie Aesthetics are leaders in the field of antiaging, beauty and wellness. They have won 23 industry and business awards, and are now being honoured as 2023’s Best Non-Surgical Medical & Cosmetic Clinic – London, in the Acquisition International Global Excellence Awards. This is testament to their exceptional care and outstanding results, which keep them at the forefront of the industry. Vie Aesthetics are continuously reviewing, improving, adapting, and developing their processes and services. They understand that each individual is unique, with personal needs and aspirations. They offer a comprehensive range of services to suit, from facial rejuvenation to body sculpting and hair restoration. All their treatments are tailored to enhance natural beauty and health, boost clients’ confidence, and enrich their lives. The company’s recruitment process is also very robust, as it looks for skills, motivation and passion when recruiting new talent. Their staff are committed people from the get-go, encouraged to make connections with enthusiasm, excitement, and motivation. The internal culture at Vie is one of trust, respect, and transparency, with a sense of ownership fostered from both top-down and bottom-up communication. They also promote ecoconscious practices, embrace diversity, and uphold the principles of fairness, care and M compassion. They set high standards throughout the business, and aim to exceed expectations at every point. In the aesthetics industry, the pace of technological advancements and treatment innovations is rapidly changing. To stay at the vanguard of such advancements requires continuous education and training for Vie’s practitioners, as well as investment in cutting edge equipment and technology. They see this as an essential component, allowing them to offer clients the latest and most effective treatments available. Vie’s medical team are always actively researching, trying out, and evaluating treatments in order to make decisions that are good for the business and the clientele. They are aware that clients can be bombarded by sensationalist statements and trends across social media regarding aesthetics, but Vie can be trusted to cut through noise. Vie Aesthetics promotes the importance of seeking treatment from qualified medical practitioners. Open communication and a patientcentric approach is what builds trust and encourages clients to opt for procedures offering safe, natural-looking results. This can elevate the industry standards, and help to address the bias out there that exists against cosmetic treatments. Vie Aesthetics also uses their own social media channels to challenge bias and misinformation. Year on year the number of male clients at Vie has been increasing, with it now making up over 35%. It has been at the forefront of promoting natural looks and combination treatments for this market sector, many of which have now become a trend in the industry. Treatments for men include PSA prostate testing, wellness packages and intimate treatments like the P-Shot. Another significant trend in aesthetics is to offer wellness and prevention treatments aimed at supporting the menopause. In order to address emerging needs such as these, Vie have developed a 360 degree approach, and recently launched their own menopause clinics. The ever-expanding company operates across clinics based in London, Essex, and Germany. The consistency of their services, care and standards are guaranteed at these regulated and 5-star reviewed sites, where all the latest and most effective treatments and products are available under one roof. Vie Aesthetics are certainly a thriving, sustainable business, ensured of long-term success by constantly evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of their valued clientele. Vie Aesthetics is a renowned UK medical aesthetics company with clinics in London and Essex. It offers bespoke, personalised treatment plans focused on helping clients to look and feel their best. As the worthy winner of 2023’s Best Non-Surgical Medical & Cosmetic Clinic – London, we were interested to find out a little more. Excellence, Expertise, and Innovation in Aesthetics. Company: Vie Aesthetics Ltd Web Address: Contact Name: Vicky Grammatikopoulou Apr23508 109 | Acquisition International, Global Excellence Awards 2023