Global Excellence 2020

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2020 219 Acquisition International - Issue 1 2020 1 Wondering what sets Swanson apart? While there may be many options for the same nutrient, Swanson uses only ingredients of the highest quality in their vitamins and supplements at a fraction of the cost so they can help customers focus on their wellness goals instead of their wallet. Whether it’s a beneficial bottle of omega-3s, a carefully crafted combination formula or even calming flavours of lattes and other spiced hot drinks, Swanson has evolved from one man’s joint discomfort to be the potential answer for a nation that wants to live healthier and happier. Swanson offers more products than ever before, along with a passion to take charge of the natural wellness product arena in the US and expanding new geographies across Europe, the Middle East, SE Asia and Latin America. Victory for Vitality Jim Hamel, CFO Corey Bergstrom, CEO