Global Excellence 2020

218 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2020 10 Acquisit on International - Issue 12 2020 Victory for Vitality The world of pharmaceuticals and healthcare has been around for centuries, but great advancements have been made since the days of Hippocrates. Where once there was guesswork, now there is understanding and the ability to bring meaningful change to people’s lives. Making the most of natural health products is an American company, Swanson Health. This year’s recipient of the title of Most Outstanding Natural Health Products Company 2020 – USA. Find out why this company has excelled in delivering exceptional natural health options for its customers. otal wellness is not limited to nourishing the body. Advancements in common understanding, along with medications that are administered by the pharmaceutical industry, have emphasized that total wellness encompasses not only the body, but the mind and home as well. Balance is key for a healthy lifestyle, and perfecting that balance sometimes requires the help of natural wellness products that can re-address that balance and bring some tranquillity to a person’s daily routine. Founded and established more than half a century ago, Swanson Health has devoted its entire business practice to the mission of offering high-quality wellness solutions to all at a great value. Now, more than fifty years later, they continue to innovate science-backed vitamins and supplements, healthy home and pantry, and self-care products that deliver wellness solutions for the mind, body, and home in ways like never before. In an effort to share wellness with more consumers, the Company has vastly accelerated their efforts to expand globally in 2020, with plans to continue the expansion going forward. Swanson started in 1969 in the US heartland of Fargo, North Dakota. Back then, it was just one man looking to lessen his joint pain when playing a round of golf. Though the firm’s beginnings are humble, its journey thus far has been anything but. That one man soon set off on a journey into the world of natural supplements, vitamins and health research. This journey became a passion, then obsession and finally a commitment toward wellness and lifelong vitality for both himself and his loved ones. This commitment matured into a mission that focused purely on providing wholly natural and potent health products directly to other people at a tremendous value. Leading a simpler and healthier life has never T Oct20330 been easier for so many people, thanks to the hard work of Swanson. In 2019, Swanson was excited to celebrate fifty years of service along with a product range that has grown exponentially since those early days. Back in 1969, the firm began simply with vitamin E products to help nourish healthy joints. It was not until the 1970s, after the company has been established for a period of time, that it then went on to expand its product offerings to include more than one hundred other supplements and healthy products. By the end of the decade in 1979, Swanson had garnered itself a customer base that boasted more than thirty thousand individuals at any given time. The success would continue to grow for Swanson as the 1980s and 1990s progressed. At the dawn of the former decade, the company was able to open its first office and retail store with just ten employees in Fargo, North Dakota. From there, Mr Leland Swanson’s sons took over the business in 1982 and set out to transform it into a global organization. The turn of the millennium saw swansonvitamins. com launch as the company’s new website, taking full advantage of innovative technology to bring wellness to an even broader audience. Nearing 2001, Swanson had accrued more than two hundred staff members, moved into a new facility measuring over 11,000 square meters in size and opened its first ever customer service call centre. More recently in the last ten years, Swanson has gone green, thanks to a commitment and follow-through to use geo-thermal energy. Soon thereafter, Swanson was able to open new distribution facilities in PA and NV, before reaching more than 500 employees in 2018. Swanson was also recognized globally for award-winning customer service, as well as the launch of award-winning new products that year. Finally, we reach 2019, and the 50th celebration of a company that has long held its place as one of America’s leaders in natural wellness products. Today, Swanson offers more products than ever before, along with a passion to take charge of the natural wellness product arena in the US and expanding new geographies across Europe, the Middle East, SE Asia and Latin America. Company: Swanson Health Products Contact: Andrea Crass Website: Most Outstanding Natural Health Products Company 2020 - USA