Global Excellence 2020

192 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2020 Acquisition International - Issue 7 2020 53 Feb20422 Founded in 2003, NCDMM have been committed to driving innovation throughout the defence manufacturing industry since inception. Following their success in the 2020 Global Excellence Awards, we got in touch with CEO Dean Bartles to find out more. ased in Pennsylvania, NCDMM are committed to delivering collaborative manufacturing solutions that enhance the nation’s workforce and economic competitiveness. With a quarter of a million manufacturing firms in the US, NCDMM have helped save customers nearly $1 billion in cost savings and avoidance. To start, Dean offers more insight into the firm’s services and the client base they typically serve. “NCDMM specialize in advanced manufacturing technology solutions for the Department of Defense as well as commercial enterprises. Although these are our primary clients, we approach all our customers with the same respect for their missions, offering technology solutions to enhance their mission success.” “Within both the commercial and defence sectors, our strengths lie in our extensive in-house expertise and manufacturing skillsets. In design engineering, we can develop conceptual and detailed designs that fully maximize manufacturing requirements. Moreover, in manufacturing engineering, by augmenting your capabilities with trusted partners, we can not only compete but also win and execute contracts.” Since forming 17 years ago, not much has changed in terms of the company’s values, with their engagement in scientific research on behalf of and in conjunction with the Department of Defense and other government agencies. Dean added “NCDMM’s founding mission has not changed since we were established, as we still operate a government-sponsored technology centre to address and support the machining and manufacturing needs of government and the military. Moreover, in conjunction with governmental labs and related institutions we educate and train personnel to support the machining and manufacturing needs of the government and related agencies.” As a leader in the defence manufacturing industry, NCDMM have discovered that many of their working relationships have been built on trust, something Dean feels the firm must maintain if they are to continue leading the way in defence manufacturing. “We collaborate, not compete. We collaborate to broaden our ability to deliver and implement leading manufacturing innovations. Collectively, we share a common goal, to advance U.S. manufacturing and ensure our nation remains globally competitive.” In recent years, a long-time CEO retired after serving the company over an eight-year period, however as Dean goes on to explain promoting from within has proved to be the best course of action when the firm have to replace outgoing personnel. “In 2019, a long- time CEO retired after serving in that capacity for over eight years. The board filled the CEO position with a long-time board member who had more than 40 years of experience in the defence industry and who had served on the board for ten years.” B Best in Class Defense Manufacturing Solutions Like many others, staff play a fundamental role in the success of the firm and with just 35 employees it’s vital everybody makes a telling contribution as Dean goes on to explain. “NCDMM’s success is 100% contingent on our staff members and with such a small team everybody must pull their weight in one common direction.” In conclusion, Dean comments on the future of NCDMM and the steps they might need to take to ensure the firm remain at the forefront of the defence manufacturing industry. “Although I previously mentioned we promoted a board member from within to replace an outgoing CEO, when it comes to recruitment we recruit on a as and when basis. Through our own networks, we advertise opportunities as they arise, and we’ve never had to seek outside recruitment services. “Going forward, we plan to diversify our customer base. Currently we are almost exclusive to the Department of Defense and by 2025, we plan to grow our non-DoD customer base to represent at least 25% of our total revenue.” Contact Name: Dean Bartles Telephone Number: 7272517671 Address: 486 Cornell Road, Blairsville, PA 15717 Web Address: Most Innovative Defense Manufacturing Solutions Organisation - 2020