Global Excellence 2020

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2020 193 8 Acquisition International - Issue 1 2020 High School and Middle Schools. Typically, the process is applied across the entire University, or a department, while for K-12, NoteAffect will work with a full High School or Middle School to ensure a uniform distribution and positive result. One of the major successes with which to credit NoteAffect is its customer support. Disruptive software can be a challenge to fully understand and get the most out of its potential, but the team at NoteAffect is always on hand to help in the implementation process. The training process is naturally short and easy, thanks to its impressive design ethos and the team are always listening throughout the process to picking new ways of building ideas for classroom use. With an excellent product and a superb team to support it, the biggest challenge facing NoteAffect is building up a reputation in the education tech market. With its innovative and disruptive approach, NoteAffect has the potential to drastically alter not only the way that content is delivered to students, but the nature of that content in and of itself. The advanced analytics offer a major step forward in terms of seeing what knowledge is absorbed and engaged with and what isn’t. Moving forward, NoteAffect plans to expand from its lecture-based product into the field of assignments and self-learning management. Similarly, the potential for the adaptation of this software for the corporate market, offering a service that would track live and static content for meetings is being seriously considered. The world of education technology has been quiet for a long time, and NoteAffect presents a chance to change how it is used to suit a new generation of educators and students. It does so with the methods and skills that students and educators are already used to as opposed to changing the game entirely. Of course, that doesn’t mean that NoteAffect isn’t a massive gamechanger in the field of EduTech regardless. Company: NoteAffect Contact: Jay Tokosch Website: Dec19437 Education constantly finds itself lagging behind the needs of the people it is educating. True innovation is often abandoned for practical reasons. NoteAffect is a different sort of innovation, leveraging common technology for a new purpose. Now recognized in Acquisition International’s Global Excellence Awards as the Most Outstanding EduTech Application 2020 – USA, we decided to take a closer look at this software company. he biggest challenge facing educators today is finding true engagement from students, and then finding ways of analysing this engagement to find out what students have learned and what needs to be covered again. NoteAffect was designed to find a solution that was less an innovation than an evolution. The secret of NoteAffect’s success is on two fronts. Firstly, it is in the use of its innovative engagement features which cannot be found in any other education platform, as well as the embedded algorithms that deliver unprecedented analytics. Secondly, it comes from its simplicity. Using the application, instructors are able to broadcast any of their lectures or course material straight to students’ digital devices. Collaborating with Higher Education CIOs, educational professionals and technology experts, NoteAffect is specifically designed to deliver an ROI for students, professors and University administration. The result is a proprietary platform of engagement and content capture, proven to increase students’ grades and help professors to measure and deliver better class content by using analytics to make data- driven decisions. Every single stakeholder in the education system is impacted through the adoption of this platform. NoteAffect has an impact no matter where it is implemented, able to provide help in the classroom, as well as in online and distance learning. Those organizations wanting to explore the use of Open Education Resource material will find that NoteAffect is an invaluable tool for measuring the success of this technique. Similarly, it does not operate as a replacement for the more traditional Learning Management System, working within its limitations and enhancing it. That said, in order to save institutions money, time and support, NoteAffect does replace Lecture Capture, Polling Software, Broadcast Software and Q&A boards. This exciting new software system is open to any educational institution, but most clients thus far have been in Higher Education, T New Tricks Most Outstanding EduTech Application 2020 - USA