Global Excellence 2020

134 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2020 Acquisition International - Issue 1 2021 107 Nov20062 harity Greetings Cards businesses provide the purchaser with an often easy and straight forward way of making a donation to a given charity. Typically, such businesses dictate the donation made to the charity as they sell cards with a complete price advising that a portion will go to the said charity. What Making a Difference Cards does is somewhat different, purchasers firstly choose which charity they would like their donation to go to, selecting from a list of more than 350 charities, then they get to decide how much they would like to donate with the card, putting the amount donated per card entirely in the hands of the purchaser rather than the seller, making this quite a unique service offering. This innovative business has caught the media’s attention in its short time since inception, with Making a Difference Cards and Raquel Muller picking up a number of award wins since launch. We spoke to Raquel about what has led to their huge and rapid success. “Since its launch, the business has undergone significant expansion and in the last year alone has launched a number of new product features,” comments Raquel. “The end of 2019 saw the introduction of audio/video cards, a new SMS delivery system implemented for ecards to compliment the email delivery system, a new reporting system to show full status and tracking of orders and the introduction of a digital dashboard for all charities providing real time metrics for them to see their donations.” C Raquel Muller co-founded Making a Difference Cards in 2017 with the objective of changing the way that Charity greeting cards provide donations to charity by putting the amount donated into the hands of the purchaser. Raquel spoke with Acquisition International Magazine about the revolutionary business and what led to their win in the 2020 Global Excellence Awards. Beautiful Charity Greetings Cards with a Difference In an industry sector that is fast paced in terms of innovation Raquel and her team have demonstrated new ways to innovate, new inventive products and solutions for the customer and have provided a truly unique selling point. Raquel also went on to share with us the businesses commitment to the sustainable green printing movement, “charities and buyers alike can be reassured that we take our environmental responsibilities seriously. Being a print on demand service we only print what is required, all cards are free from glitter, plastic or embellishments and all cards are printed on FSC certified paper and are fully 100% recyclable. And with buyers being encouraged to donate in lieu of gift buying, less unwanted gifts will hopefully end up in landfill.” In an industry which has received some comment as to the environmental impact of their activities and their products, Making a Difference Cards is one business that has taken this very seriously and ensured that all of their products are entirely recyclable. With the key drivers of this business being great customer service and innovation, Making a Difference Cards will no doubt continue to flourish. 2021 is set to be a good year for this dynamic business with talk of expansion into the U.S. and into mainland Europe. The team have won Best Personalised Charity Card provider – UK with us for two years in a row now, we are confident we will be revisiting this forward- thinking business again in the 2021 Global Excellence Awards. Website: Best Personalised Charity Cards Provider 2020 - UK