Global Excellence 2019

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2019 107 Acquis tion Intern tional - Issue 5 2019 Providing a Positive Change team play in the overall success of the company, nodding towards the future ambitions she has for the firm especially with an award-winning team by Intengine’s side. “Intengine has an award-winning team that is augmented with an external team of consultants who can be called on as required. They are people with diverse skills and abilities whose value align with those of Intengine. As we expand, we are seeking smart, motivated people from diverse backgrounds that want to make a difference. We got to where we are today through intentional partnerships and team building. Moving forward, we will continue to operate as a unified body as we grow.” Bringing the interview to a close, Connie reflects on some of the challenges they have had to overcome over the years. When discussing specific industry based challenges in particular, Connie envisions what obstacles the firmmay have to overcome in the upcoming years and how they will adapt around them. “As with any technology, it is a work in progress. We are currently fine-tuning our platform to improve functionality and visibility, while working on forging strategic collaborations with content providers and accreditation agencies to grow and scale our business and maximize its effectiveness for our members. However, there are challenges which come with seeing a vision come to life. Intengine is currently transforming with new people with different skillsets. Ensuring that we attract the right talent with synergistic personalities that work together can at times be challenging, however the result is a cohesive team with a shared vision for the future, and that is when you truly thrive.” Looking ahead to what the future holds for the firm, the team at Intengine will continue to deliver an impeccable service to the businesses and organizations they work with, providing them with the platform to foster, measure or even improve their social and environmental performance. Signing off, Connie reveals the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for the team at Intengine, in particular the firm’s first Sustainability Leadership Congress and celebratory Intengine for Change Gala that they will be holding later this year. “This summer, June 8 & 9, 2019, we are hosting our first annual Sustainability Leadership Congress and celebratory Intengine for Change Gala. These coinciding events are our “coming out party” for the non-profit organization, the Intengine Global Change Foundation. The conference will bring together top corporate, academic, and government experts in sustainability and self-development, with the leaders of tomorrow to offer insight and nurture ideas that could change our world. “The mission of the Intengine Global Change Foundation is to facilitate the transition to a more sustainable economy through the advancement of knowledge and awareness that aids in the generation of policies and practices, and their implementation. A couple of ways we will be doing this is through education events like the Congress, as well as providing funding and scholarships to foster growth and understanding of sustainable practices in local and industry-wide environments. “In addition to this, we are also partnering with Pricewaterhouse Cooper. Together we are building baseline self-assessment tools so businesses can see how they rank with key metric indicators in their industry against their peers. This will help strengthen and measure their sustainability performance so they can improve and then communicate their achievements to their market. In addition, we are currently working with industry and government to finetune how our platform can be used in their procurement purposes.” Most Outstanding Platform for Sustainable & Eco-Frie dly Bu ness - 2019